Carbonite – The Addon that Improves Your WoW Gaming Experience (part 1)


If there is one addon I wouldn’t want to miss it is Carbonite. This addon works in several different areas, and let me mention a few of them here. 

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Carbonite makes it easier to find quest items and areas, to turn in quests, to use quest items (bombs etc.). 

Search through all your bags and bank tabs for all your characters with the help of the Warehouse part of Carbonite. 

Make easy-to-follow travel routes when you’re farming ore or herbs. 

Carbonite can even warn you when the enemy is near. 

Sharing News 
You can easily find friends and guildies on the Carbonite map, and you’ll get a message when your friends level up. (This only works for guildies and friends who also use Carbonite.)

The first thing I suggest you do is to get the settings right in Carbonite. In this first part of the series about Carbonite, I will go through the settings I find important for now.

Then we’ll go through the other aspects one by one in the following weeks.

So you might find this a bit boring, but bare with me. It will be more exciting later, or you can get all your money back.

First, you should grab and install Carbonite. You find it here:

After you’ve installed it, you’ll see a C close to your mini-map. When you mouse over, you get the different options.

Right click on the icon and choose Option. And then go to the following areas:

Remove the checkmark at “Maximize Carbonite map instead of opening normal map”. You can always open the Carbonite map with Alt-M.

Put a checkmark in “Open Carbonite quest window by using Alt-L”. This will make it easier for you to use the option to turn in a quest immediately, which Blizzard sometimes offers.

Check the “Auto turn in quests when talking to NPC”, if you want to turn in quests faster. You still get to choose your reward if there’s more than one.

Quest Sounds
This is just for fun, but I have checked all possibilities here, so I hear different sounds when I’ve finished a quest.

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