How to Gank Effectively


Now, I am not a ganker myself, but I do not appreciate being ganked and in this case, I note the name of the ganker, put it in my add-on and after that, I do two things: Sooner or later, I will get back with a geared character and I will kill the ganker at least twice or, in case he always is in one of the faction cities, in raid, in dungeon and impossible to come by, I find out of who are his alts (see our tip on wowprogress here about that) and I will find them and gank them.

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I generally whisper the person afterwards to give him an explanation; I do not camp him after he has been killed twice. 

It is time that I give some of my tips about ganking, then:

– I have a “spy” on the other faction who has the list of the persons on my KoS-list (Kill on Sight) registered as friend. My spy is on another account (you can just create a free account, you only need some random character with a random name for that. So when I am on my “avenge trips”, I can find them easily. 

– I eventually use Blackened Worg Steak. It is food made by a level 400 cook, easy to farm, and it gives you the ability to track humanoid for one hour. Just like a hunter, you will see red and green dots on the minimap and it will be easier to spot your target.

– Some classes are better to use for this than others: Rogues (because of stealth), mage, druid and paladin.

– Prefer PvE to PvP gear as PvE gear does much more damage in World PvP.

You will note that when the coward-ganker sees you arriving to get your revenge, he will try to protect himself. He will do so in different ways:

– Logging off: You can’t do much about that.

– Bubbling and HS’ing if he is paladin with the righteous retreat glyph: in this case, unless you have a priest with the ability to dissolve the bubble (glyphed ability), you cannot do much either.

– Hiding in some camp with quest givers or close to Flight Master: Not that good an idea, in fact: Start to stun the flight master to prevent him to intervene and to prevent two additional elites from spawning and then you have time to take care of your coming victim.

Note that Various NPC’s ignore damage from Area of Effect (for example class trainer), so don’t be scared to aggro in this case.

Note also that you do not wish to have Pandarian guards on your back. These guys hit very, very hard. Same thing for the starting area guards. You will want to avoid these guys.

– Coming on flying mount and flying up is also a nice way to avoid getting killed: But not good enough. My rogue has engineering and Goblin Gliders. She can fly up, dismount, fly down and hit her victim in the air. If well done (marked for death + Eviscerate), the victim will dismount in the air and fall all the way down.

If you are using a paladin to attack, you can use the minor glyph for slow falling with avenger wrath or bubble on your way down. This gives you plenty of time to kill the mounted victim and to fall without taking damage.

If you are using a druid: Use Displacer Beast talent that saves you from falling damage if yu use it few moments before falling on the ground.

Mage have slow fall (same with priests), or Iceblock.

But all this is for PvP-realms… What about PvE-realms?

Now, you might have a problem on PvE realm. I remember once, on Arathor (EU-PvE) where I had some Horde. My hunter was 72’ish and questing in Grizzly Hills in this PvP-quests at Venture Bay.

BiddkaI was almost done when I got one-shotted by an Alliance Pandaren Shaman, level 88. I got his name, of course. After a couple of days, my spy told me he was online again, questing in Kun-Lai Summit. So I sent my level 90 rogue there. I found him at the start-area (after the stairs).

But now, we were on a PvE realm, so I couldn’t just attack him.

Well, no problems: I stealthed, moved close to his totem and put my pvp flag on. When I was hurt by it, he got flagged for PvP and I could take care of him. I killed him twice, no more no less, as I always do with gankers and whispered to him why I have done it and that he could rez without problems, I will not kill him again (I did spat on him, though, and since he was still flagged for PvP, he wisely didn’t react).

Please note that on a PvE realm, this kind of method will be considered as grieving and if you use that too often, you might get into troubles. But it was avenging mission, two kills and that’s it (this is why the whisper was very important in this case).

Now, note that this trick also can be used by gankers. Some gankers love to go to lowbie places, where the lowbies are not flagged for PvP and walk into an area of effect spell the lowbie just used to kill some mob, to get the low level flagged for PvP and gank him. So if you see some high level, flagged for PvP, sneaking around you while questing, do NOT use AoE.

Remember that all these tricks (and more that I didn’t disclose here) can be used to get revenge, like I do, but they are also used by gankers. Take all that into consideration if you get chain killed: Not all guards will protect you, getting off PvP is not always a joker, and flying up isn’t so good a protection as you might think. You might have only one solution: Log off and wait.

A final notice: Do not gank, it could be that you ganked one of my low level alts and believe me, you wouldn’t want that! 😉

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