Reforge Lite – If You Want a Perfect Reforging

Since Cataclysm, we have been able to reforge gear. Make crit to mastery, haste to crit, mastery to haste and so on. And when you listen or read the pros, they will very quickly tell you: On helmet, reforge crit to haste, shoulders, mastery to crit, blah, blah, blah and you are here taking notes, trying to do the maths and getting lost. 

Well… I do! 

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There is a way to reforge everything just perfect without needing a bachelor grade in advanced WoW-Mathematics. 

All you need is the add-on called Reforge Lite, you can download it from Curse, here. 

It is an add-on very easy to use. 

First, you have to talk to a reforger. You will find him in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Shrine of the Two Moons (or of the Seven Stars) and on the caravan (the big yak). 


When you right-click on the reforger, the window of the add-on pops up. If you look at the picture here you can see: 

Target:level here you can choose between PvP, raid or heroic. I have chosen PvP (I don’t even know what PvE means!)

Then, you have the stats.

Hit is always the first stat. It shall always be. If you don’t hit, you don’t do any good, whether we speak of PvE or PvP. The hit cap is 1020 (3%) for melee and 2040 (6%) for casters. This is the hit-cap for PvP. You will hit every single time. Don’t take anymore than that, if you do, it will just be wasted and even a few percent over are stats that you lose and which could be used better elsewhere.

So you can choose to just put a checkmark and, in the scroll down beside, choose “melee hit cap” or “spell hit cap” and/or manually write: 1020 or 2040.

After hit, you can change the orders of the other stats by clicking arrow down or arrow up to the left of it. By clicking on the red circle, you delete the stat, and you can add one by clicking on “add stat”.

On the picture, you can see my frost mage on her yak. First stat is Hit, to 2040, second is mastery, third is haste. I have deleted “crit” as it is not necessary for a frost mage and there are no check mark of any kind.

That means that Hit is the most important: until 2040 and after that it will be Mastery and after that Haste. It is important to have at least two because if on some equipment, there is not the possibility to reforge to Mastery, you want Haste (in this case).

When you have put your stats in order, you click on “Calculate”.

Reforge Lite might freeze a few seconds, the time to calculate the new stats. Then you can click “Show” (bottom of window, eventually scroll down).

When you do, the new window called “Reforge Lite Output” appears to the left of the big window. In this picture, you can see that some items are checked, they will not be reforged because they are as they need to be, some items are not checked, they will be reforge according to the calculation (for example, my shoulders will have 247 Haste reforged to Hit).

You have the button “reforge” and the price right beside (here 119 gold and some). You just need to click ONE TIME on the button reforge, and Reforge Lite does the job.

And then you are optimally reforged.

Ain’t it great?

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