To Make Gold? Sell Kits


Now, we have all tried to start an alt, or to change profession and having to start at scratch. 

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One way to make a nice bunch of gold is to help people doing that by gathering mats for them and by selling the whole bundle as a “profession kit”. 

The best way to do that is by getting a guide for level 1-600 from the net (I use the Goblin’s guide myself, you can find it here), add a few percent: If it says you will need 150 mithril bar, for example, mine 160 or 170 when you are at it (the difference in time isn’t much). 

You can gather the items, of course, but you can also buy them in AH if they are not too expensive. 

Then you have to find a price for your kit. It will depend from realm to realm. You will have to check the AH and to see how much the different items sell for if you sold them. Then, depending on profession and prices, you add an extra 25% to 75% to the price. You should be able to sell a kit for 8000 to 20,000 gold, depending on size, profession, realm and rarity. That will give, in most cases, from 3,000 to 12,000 gold in profit. This is not negligible. 

Then, it is time to make noise on the trade channel (time to “bark”, as it is called).

You can use Woof (se here about this add-on) or make a macro saying something like:

/2 WTS {skull}<name>’s Profession Leveling Kit!{skull} No more running between trainers and AH! Level up {star}<name>{star} from 1 to 600 in minutes with this leveling kit that contains all the required items + more! /w me.

When you deliver the kits, note that there is a LOT of things to send. It will be best to deliver it by mail and you want to start to send the high end items and progressing down to the starter items. Things will be inverted in the recipient mailbox and if you do it this way, he will see the low level items first and can snatch them and begin to level without filling their bag with items they don’t need yet.

If your prices are fair, your delivery fast and if you have sent more than enough mats (people will love to have a couple of stones or flowers back after they leveled), your customer will be happy. Remember that only rich customers will use this service and you surely want this customer to be happy so he remembers you next time he levels up an alt or for another profession.

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