PvP-Power or Primary Stat?


The last couple of patches, there has been a lot of discussion about PvP-power or primary stat (strength, agility, intellect, spirit) in PvP. For some reason, Blizzard who introduced PvP-Power with Mist of Pandaria let it live a couple of patches before they made drastic changes to it.

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But what is it worth today, in PvP for damaging classes?

Problem is, that people misunderstand Blizzard when they say that PvP power gives a bonus to your damage.

PvP power is not increasing the damage you produce at all. It increases the damage a PvP target receives by reducing their resilience by an amount equal to your PVPPower in percents.

Let’s put some mathematic behind this:

Let’s say your attack does 10,000 damage:

Example 1 – PvP target 60% resil / You have 0% pvp power:
Calculation: 10,000 * (1 – 0.6) = 4,000
Your attack is reduced by 60% and does 4,000 damage to the pvp target.

Example 2 – PvP target 60% resil / You have 20% pvp power:
Calculation: 10,000 * (1 – (0.6 – 0.2)) = 6,000
Your attack is reduced by 40% and does 6,000 damage to the pvp target.

PvP power works by reducing the target’s resilience by a percentage equal to the PvP power amount.

Now let’s say you gave up 1,000 spell power by gemming all blue for pvp power. Your pvp power is now 30%, but your attack now hits for 8,500 instead of 10,000.

Example 3 – PvP target 60% resil / You have 30% pvp power:
Calculation: 8,500 * (1 – (0.6 – 0.3)) = 5,950
Your attack is reduced by 30% and does 5,950 damage.

So yes, PvP-Power is good in the extent it is in your gear, but it is not worth dropping your primary stat to get more of it.

At this time, for damaging classes, PvP Power is not better than your primary stat.

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