Carbonite Addon as Quest Helper (part 2)


Blizzard made it easier to quest, when they started to add legends to the map, showing where you could expect to find the mobs or complete the quests. 

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Carbonite is still a valuable addon and a quest helper I wouldn’t want to be without. And in this second part of the Carbonite series (you can see part 1, the settings here), I will tell you how you can use Carbonite to facilitate your questing. 

Carbonite will show the quests you’re tracking in a panel. I use Alt+L to see the quests I’m on in Carbonite, and if I don’t want to track a quest, I just deselect it on the quest list. Then it will no longer show up in the panel. 

You can make it show up to 25 quests at a time, both new quests, old quests and completed quests.

While you can open and close your map to find where Blizzard points you to, Carbonite will help you even more by adding an arrow you can follow, and by telling you how far there is to go, and when you’ll be there. 

It will also show necessary quest items, and you can use them from the panel, instead of digging them out of your bags to use them.

This is how my quest panel looks right now.

The top quest is the closest either to do or to turn in. I my case, it’s a quest I have to do. Carbonite2b
When I click to select a quest, I get an arrow on my screen.

As you can see, I have to go in the direction of the arrow, and it will tell me when I should arrive and how far away it is.

When I get to the quest called Overpowered, I can click on the quest item (the pink stone) directly on the panel instead of finding it in my bag. Sometimes this is bugged, so if it’s a quest I do frequently, I add the item to my toolbars. But just having it there shows me that there is a quest item to use, and that often makes it easier to figure out how to finish a quest.

Carbonite2cOnce you’ve finished a quest, Carbonite’s arrow will show you where to turn it in. (Which is great, because in my case, I’m not used to play Alliance, and I would have gone wild, if I didn’t have the arrow to point me in the right direction.) 

If you need to take a bird to get the questing place, Carbonite will tell you so. This doesn’t always work, though. It might tell you that the quest is not in the database, just because you’re being too far away from where to quest. In that case, use Blizzard’s directions and go to that area, before you use Carbonite as a quest helper.

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