Treasure of the Thunder King – Fortune? Glory?… or Both?

Citadel of the Thunder King

Treasures of the Thunder King is a solo scenario happening on Thunder Isle. The Thunder King can see the troops of the Alliance and of the Horde walk around on his island, so he hurries to hide bunches of gold and of precious things… But you are smarter than him, and you get at least one key… Which grants you access to the Thunder King’s treasure. 

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When you find a Key, you have to speak to Taoshi, who you can find in Bleak Hollow (51.4 – 46.2) she will transport you to the entrance of the Thunder King’s Citadel. 

The place is filled with troves, treasures, mobs and traps and, from the moment you start, you have five minutes to do whatever you want (and even what you don’t want, like dying, for example). 

The citadel is pretty straight forward, but you have to have been there a couple of times to learn its topography (or to have seen videos or read this tip).

You will find numerous doors blocking your ways. They all can be opened with a lever which is close by (but may be difficult to spot because of the color) except the last one: the lever is at the opposite door (in rumbles). So here, it would be a very good idea to use some Elder Charm of Good Fortune to buy a couple of polymorphic keys (which are a kind of pass-key) to open at least the last door with (the key is consumed when used), you will gain time. 

Mogu and Golden ChestThe Rewards

There are different rewards in the citadel. All along the way, you will find treasure chests. There are three kinds of treasure chest in the citadel: Mogu Treasure Chest, Golden Treasure Chests and Lei Shen’s Burial Troves (at the end of the scenario).

The rarest the chest, bigger is the treasure: there is more gold in the golden chest than in the mogu and you will more often find elder charms of good fortune and from time to time, even an epic piece of gear.

Some chests contain Burial Trove Key that you can use to open Lei Shen’s Burial Trove when your five minutes are gone.


The Traps

Now, of course, you can imagine that all those chests aren’t yours to take “just like that.” The scenario is filled with different traps which goal is to slow you as much as possible. This is why many traps will stun you, disrupt you, slow you or disorient you.

Here are the traps you will meet:

Electrified spiresElectrified spires:You will find them from start. Those wards send electricity at a regular intervals. When you see, that they are active, don’t try to pass through. Not only, you will take damage, but you will be slowed. Wait until they are finished before you pass by.

Mogu Statues: These statues are not just standing there as decorations. When you come too close to them, they go down to give a hard hit with their hammer on the ground. Prior to the hit, you can see the area which will be affected “bubbling up”, move away from the area which will be affected. The hit will stun you for a few second and hurt you badly. If you want a trove which is close to their feet, you will have to do it in two tempi. First come close to the statue so it gets activated, then move a bit away, wait for it to hit and come back to it to pick up the chest.

Mogu Runes and Detection pylonsTrapped tiles:On the ground, you will see several colored tiles. They are trapped, and their color tell you what kind of trap you might expect: yellow (lightning and slow), red (fire and loss of control of your character), green (fires arrows at you). They are easy to avoid and remember to do it because they do hurt a lot.

Mogu Runes: These runes may be red or green: green you gain speed, red you get immobilized for several seconds. Needless to tell you to avoid the red runes.

Detection pylons:You will find those in the room after the first corridor. You have seen such pylons in one of the scenario which got you to the Thunder Isle. They will detect you. If you put one foot inside the green circle, a mob will be summoned to stop you. The mobs of this scenario not only slow you too, but they are tough. They take a while to kill, and they hurt a lot. Two of them at once may easily kill you.



Speaking of mobs, here are the mobs you will find in the scenario: 

Spiders:They are very small. They do not hurt much. They are easily killed and nevertheless; they might be the most irritating mobs of the whole scenario. They are programmed (it seems!) to stop you right when you are about to open a chest. They are very small so you can easily oversee them. The only good thing about them is that they are effortlessly one-shotted. Do it. Don’t expect them to ignore you. They seem to detect you from a great distance, so shoot first.

Stone Quillen:These statues become alive when you come close to them. They will follow you and hurt you, so if you activate one by mistake, you will have to fight it. However, if you keep your distances, they are not a big problem. Even though they are guarding a gate, for example, if you pass by right at exact distance between two of them, you might go undetected (watch out for your stupid pet if you have one, though!).

Zandalari Troll:These troll are going around in different places in the scenario, they have about 750k HP and are a pain in the… erh… bottom when you aggro one. Not only they are tough to deal with, but they also hit very hard and have many traps that they use on you that will slow you a lot.

Mogu effigy:These are animated mogus which hit harder than the other mobs in the scenario. You meet them in the last phase.

Skumblade Pillager:This guy is a pain. You will only meet him in the second room. What he does is, when you open a golden chest, this mob might appear, steal your loot and run away. You have to be very quick to stop him before he runs away with your loot.

God-Hulk Gulkan:This is the boss. He is located at the end of the citadel. He is pretty easy to defeat… if you can get to him. If you can get to him without wasting too much time, it’s worth it: there are often 3 golden chests behind him, he himself drops a chest, and he loots roughly the equivalent of a chest off his corpse upon death. But getting to him can be tricky, so you will have to have this as an objective and not to waste too much time fighting trash mobs and opening chests.


As you can see, between the traps, the mobs and the hidden opening-mechanisms, so happily, you have Bao, whom you can find in front of the door, before the scenario starts (and after) or in the Bleak Hollow and he sells things and gizmos which can help you avoid traps, put mobs to sleep, open doors and more. The different thing cost from one to three Charms of Good Fortune. For some of them, you will need to have reputation with the Sunreaver Onslaught or Kirin Tor (depending on your fashion) to buy some of them.

You can buy:

Two Common Rock (1 Charm): Can be used to distract an enemy or trigger a trap.
Two Arcane Propellants (1 Charm): Consume an arcane focus to launch yourself forward.
One Empty Supply Crate (3 Charms): Place an empty Zandalari Supply Crate on the ground (You can step on it and use it to come up).
One Frost Rune Trap (1 Charm): Place an empty Zandalari Supply Crate on the ground.
One Polymorphic Key (3 Charms): A pass key able to open any door in the Citadel.
One Potion of Light Steps (1 Charm): Can be used to levitate over tile traps, fall at a reduced speed, and walk on water. Taking damage will break this effect.
One Sleep Dust (1 Charm): Puts the target in a magically-induced sleep for 25 sec. Only works on humanoids and beasts.

Are You Prepared?

There is one important question you must ask yourself before you start the scenario and that is: What do you want to do? Ask yourself the question and decide of that before you start it. Because once you pressed the start-button, you have only five minutes and not time to make up your mind.

There are several objectives and achievements you can choose from, but you can’t do them all at once. You can choose to accomplish the achievement In the Hall of the Thunder King. To have the achievement, you will need:

– Obtain a handful of Stolen Gems from the Treasure Saurok (you have to kill a Skumblade Pillager and get his loot – There are 97% chance of drop, so you might miss it)
– Reach Tenwy of the Red Smoke. She is at 52.6 – 10.4 in the last room with Gulkan, in order to get this part of the achievement players have to ask her to remove you and she will teleport you to the last room with all the Lei Shen’s Burial Troves (as if time would have ran out) with the bonus of one Burial Trove Key before doing so.
– Loot 10 Golden Treasure Chests in one run.
– Slay God-Hulk Gulkan (the last boss).

So even though you might go for one or two achievements, you most likely won’t be able to do them all. Find out of what achievements or part of the achievement you want to work for.

Another objective is just to get as much gold as possible. You will have to get a couple of runs and find where the chests are and what is the optimum route to get them.

Now, for the achievements:

Slay God-Hulk Gulkan
You will have to use the same method than if you want to meet Tenwy of the Red Smoke. Don’t waste time opening any chest and hurry to the last room where you can find him. He has many HP and hurts badly. If it wasn’t enough, there are a bunch of traps and of mobs who will make things even more complicated. Gulkan has a chest on his back. If you kill him, the loot is yours.

Obtain a handful of Stolen Gems
If you want this achievement, you will have to go in the second room and open a Golden Chest. He will only show up in one of these chests. From the moment, he appears, you will have to do everything in your power to kill him. And that is not easy. He will do his best to run away. He has several advantages: He has a pass-key, so he can open any door he wishes and then, at the opposite of you, he doesn’t aggro mobs. He can be slowed and stunned, though. Not by everything, but most. You will have to start by stunning or slowing him in some way. Do not let him get away. This is the hardest part. Many people had to have two or three runs before they could have this achievement.

Reach Tenwy of the Red Smoke
You will have to do like for God-Hulk Gulkan: avoid wasting time collecting gold and have with you every possible help. If you focus on that, you might run pass by every chest in the scenario.


Loot 10 Golden Treasure Chests in one run
To do that, you will have to know the place of every single Chest, mobs, traps, etc… and have a bit of luck. There are places where there are always Golden chest (the second pillar on the right before the first door, for example), but it will not necessary spawn at the exact same place. Sometimes, some Golden Chest spawns where there use to be Mogu Chest and the opposite (after the first door, before the second room, on the left “mezzanine”, there are generally three mogu chest (and a spider) and, a bit higher, a Golden Chest… or a Mogu Chest. Happily you can see that from the floor so you’ll know at once if it is worth wasting your time climbing on the boxes to get up there or not.

Before you can get this achievement, you will have to learn the different places and how to get there. To know what boxes can be used to climb on and which cannot and really be very precise in your jump. You have to be a champion of the Space-bar, so to speak.

This technique will maximize your loot and gold and eventually give you the 10 Golden Chest achievement.

Ready to go?

Be sure that everything is ready before you press start.

– Remember to check Bao and buy every help you can get. Put them on your task bar or where you can easily start and use them.

– Be ready, buffed, eventually buff-food. Don’t hesitate to use flask to give you some boost.

– Don’t forget to eventually change your talents and glyphs. This can be great help. For example, the warlock’s Burning Rush (Drains 4% of your maximum health per second to increase your movement speed by 50%.) or the mage’s Blazing Speed can be of great help. All classes have talents who can give you an advantage. Check them out, Check the talents out you are not usually using and the glyphs that you might need.

– Remember: Avoid the traps, avoid combat as much as possible.

There are many videos on Youtube about this scenario. Some are good; some are bad. I found a video of a warlock going to the last chamber to kill the boss, and getting the 10 golden chest on the way. Remember to check which things from Bao he uses to avoid traps and mobs (Sleep Dust, floating, for example). See it in full screen and be attentive to his buffs and the abilities he uses. Very informative video.

And when you feel you are ready… Take a deep breath and… go for it!

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