Carbonite Addon as Gathering Guide (part 3)

If you have gathering professions like mining and herbalism, you might want to learn the fastest and most effective way to gather nodes.

While you’re questing, you’ve probably fund mining nodes or herbal nodes. But when it comes to gathering a lot, either to sell or to use for crafting professions, it will take too long to work that way.

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So you’ve probably searched for places to farm, and you’ve seen pictures of maps with drawings, outlining where you could find what you were looking for.

That is all good, of course, but can you imagine how much better it would be to have an arrow on your screen pointing you to your next mining node or herbalism node?

This is just one of the many features Carbonite offers. I use it all the time, when I’m out farming, and it allows me to find all the nodes available in that area plus free me up to chat with friends and guildies.

It’s very easy to set up, once you have Carbonite installed.

First you have to right click on the “C” next to your minimap and choose “Options”.

Go to “Guide”.

The first time here, you have to import the data, so click on “Import Carbonite Nodes – herbalism, mining, and maybe also Misc (for artifacts and gas).

Now you’re ready.

Open up your Carbonite map by right clicking on the “C” again and choosing “Show Map”.

Right click anywhere on the map, and choose “Show…”


Check the options you want to use, either “Show Mining Locations” or “Show Herb Locations”.

Right click on the map again, and choose “Route…”

Click on “Current Gather Locations”.

That will show the route on your map.


You can now close the map, and you’ll have a handy arrow on your screen. It will guide you through the route, and you can even see how many nodes you might find in that area. Of course, some of them will be taken, and in that case you’ll get a new arrow to follow immediately after you’ve arrived at the position.



Happy gathering!

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