Add Your Own Routes to Carbonite Addon (part 4)


During the last three articles I’ve told you how you could use Carbonite to keep track of your quests, and how you can use it to help you mine ores or gather herbs.

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You can also add your own routes to Carbonite, thus make it easier for yourself, if you’re going after certain vanity pets, hunter’s pets, farming eggs to get reputation to get a mount, or if you’re checking specific areas frequently and don’t want to look at the map all the time.

You can add waypoints to Carbonite in two ways – by writing them, or by clicking and adding them when you’re at a waypoint.

In both cases you need to start by opening up your favorites, and you do that by right-clicking the C icon and choosing Show Map.

Then click on the Favorite icon at the bottom.

You now have your “Favorite” window open, and you need to create a new folder to keep related routes in. I already have one called “Camel” meant for hunting artifacts to get the camel mount in Uldum.

Right click on Root at the top left corner, and choose “Add Folder”.

Give your folder a name and click “Accept”.

Open Favorites again, and right click on your new folder. Now you need to create a new favorite inside that folder. Click “Add Favorite” and give your new favorite route a name, and click “Accept”.

Select your new favorite by left-clicking it, so it’s highlighted, and click “Record” at the top of the Favorite window. The word “Record” will now have a red background and glow slightly. You’re ready to record your route.

If you prefer to add waypoints by being at the spot, then move to your first waypoint, and then click on the PLUS icon at the bottom of your Carbonite map to zoom in on the map.

To add this target to your favorites, hold down Shift and Ctrl and click on the tiny red dot you’ll see on your map.

Move to the next waypoint, and repeat.

If you go back to your favorites, you’ll now see the waypoints you’ve added and you can right click and rename them, if you want different names for them. The names will show up next to the arrow, once you’re ready to use your new route.

An alternative to this method is to type in all the waypoints instead of going there.

Go through all the previous steps until “Record”, and then use the chat box to type in the waypoints like this:

/carb gotoadd coordinates, e.g.

/carb gotoadd The Jade Forest 65.08 66.20

One you’ve typed in all the coordinates, you can stop the recording by clicking on “Record” again.

When you’re ready to use your new route, open up the Carbonite map, choose Favorites and the waypoints you want to use, and click on the first target. You’ll new see an arrow and “ants” on your map, and you can move from waypoint to waypoint. You’ll get a new direction to follow, every time you reach a waypoint.


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