Get a Mount for Your Level One Character (or lvl 19)

Zahav, level 1, on her mountCan you imagine the look on people’s face when they watch your level 1 bank alt ride from the mail box to the auction house in style?

Or how about doing a battleground with your level 10 char, making everybody else jealous when you ride instead of walk?

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There are two ways you can obtain a mount for your lower than level 20 chars. One cost money, and the other cost time.

Get the Saltwater Snapjaw Turtle Loot Card

You can buy this loot card from Amazon or eBay for around $100. Maybe less, if you make a good bargain.

Once you’ve received the card, and claimed your in-game code, you should head off to Booty Bay and get your mount. You can do that with any of your characters. Like any other mount, your turtle will be shared between characters.

Catch the Sea Turtle

If you don’t want to spend real money on this project, you can work on your luck and catch the beautiful Sea Turtle in any school of fish in Northrend. Just keep fishing every time you see a school of fish, and then one day it’s there, and you get a nice achievement too.

How to Mount Your Turtle When You Haven’t Learned How to Ride

Everybody else can use the normal method of mounting, but low levels has to go a different route.

In the chatbox you need to write:

/use [name of mount]

For example:

/use Sea Turtle
/use Riding Turtle

You can save those as macros to make it faster to mount.

Don’t expect too much speed, though. These turtles are… like all turtles… slow when they are on the ground. They don’t walk faster than normal walking speed, except if you have the guild perk, and in the water they still keep at 60% speed, so there you have an advantage.

And then it looks cool.

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