How to Talent and Gear for PvP? The Windwalker Monk


The Windwalker monk is a very interesting and powerful class. Many possibility, very mobile and with sufficient self-healing possibilities that give a really good survivability. Loads of fun in this class.

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In this tip, we are going to see talents, glyphs, gems, enchants for an optimal Windwalker monk.


– Tiger’s Lust: You want this talent to have good mobility, which is a very important condition in PvP. Celerity can be an okay talent, especially if you want to run away, but if you want to survive a fight, you will need this freedom of movements, that Tiger’s Lust gives.

– Chi Wave: Heal and hit in the same time. You will be interested in this one.


– Chi Brew: Chi Brew has become very interesting since patch 5.4. Before that, I went Ascension (1 more chi, +15% energy regeneration) but Chi Brew restores two Chi and 2 stacks of tigereye brew. You have two stack of it. This is a very good talent because you can go from 0 chi to 4 and get 4 stack of tigereye brew. That means that you can have a big burst when you want. This is very new since WindWalker monk always had to build their boost up. They didn’t have this possibility for instant burst (like the warrior’s Avatar, the Rogue’s Shadow Dance and Shadow Blade, etc.). With Chi Brew, they have.

– Leg Sweep: Ring of Peace is also a nice alternative, but I find Leg Sweep much more effective. Especially since I found Ring of Peace isn’t always working as intended. I find Leg Sweep much more stable. However, feel free to try both and see which one of them, you prefer.

– Healing Elixirs: You can eventually use Diffuse Magic, but there is a long cool down (1.5 minutes), all that for a damage reduction from spell. Healing Elixirs will heal you automatically of 15% when you go below 35 % health and each time you take a brew while injured, no matter which brew we are talking about. If you manage your brew well, you are almost impossible to kill.

Rushing Jade Wind:Now when Rushing Jade Wind is non-channelling, it has become a very interesting talent It will replace your Spinning Crane Kick. It lasts 6 seconds and has a 6 seconds cool down. Beware, it eats 40 energy, though so you can’t just spam it, but if you manage your energy well enough, you can almost spam it. The advantage is, that it hurts around you while you can do anything else: Stun, hit, heal, etc. Definitely a very interesting talent. The White Tiger is fun and does just a bit more damage… and has a 3 minutes cool down. Not worth having at the moment.


Especially three major glyphs are very interesting. Those are:

– Touch of Karma: Your Touch of Karma now has a 20 yard range. A must to be able to cast it on someone you are not melee fighting.

– Fortuitous Spheres: It has been added in Patch 5.4.0 and is very interesting: Fallinb below 25% health will automatically summon a healing sphere near you at no cost (every 30 seconds max). With this glyph and the Healing Elixirs, well managed, you can stay alive much, much longer.

These two glyphs are almost mandatory. The third, however, can be changed:

– Paralysis: Your paralysis now removes the damage over time on the target: Very important in PvP. If you paralyze someone, it’s to control him, so there is not much point that the dots he has will damage him and remove the paralysis.

– Glyph of Touch of Death(instead of Paralysis): Your Touch of Death no longer has a Chi cost, but the cool down is increased by 2 minutes. Very good feature to have, a free Touch of Death.

Stats Priority

To make it easy, use the add-on Reforge Lite to reforge your gear with. Read about that add-on here. Hit 3% > Expertise 3% > Agility > Crit > Mastery > Haste

Hit 3%: You have to hit your target to hurt it.

Expertise 3%: I actually have it at 6% since I thought too many were parrying my hits so I am experimenting with this, but 3% is plenty.

Agility: Your main stat.

Crit > Mastery > Haste is still tricky. For now, I go for it in this order but there is still a lot to find out. Some would say that with the recent changes, Mastery is over Crit. In this case, it would be: Mastery > Crit > Haste.

And at last, it seems that if you use Rushing Jade Wind, there would be an advantage in going haste: Crit > Haste > Mastery.

You will have to experiment a bit with all that.


The PvP-gear is up this season and many interesting PvE gear, like trinkets etc. are nerfed so they won’t help you in a battleground.

So you can go for the PvP-honor-conquest-gear and same thing for the trinkets, since the double PvP-trinket give you extra resilience.

All PvP gear and for the off pieces and necklace, you will go:

– Necklace of Proficiency. – Cape of Cruelty. – Armwraps of Accuracy. – Waistband of Cruelty. – Boots of Alacrity.

Your trinkets:

– Medallion of Cruelty. – Insigna of Conquest.

Use two one hand weapons, your damage will be at least equivalent than with a two hand weapon and you will be able to have two enchants instead of one.


In all of your red slots, you will want to use Delicate Primordial Ruby (160 agility). You will need as much agility as possible. This is your primary stat.

For the yellow gems, you will go for the Deadly Vermilion Onyx (80 Agility – 160 Crit). Now, if you want to go Mastery, you will use an Adept Vermilion Onyx (80 Agility – 160 Mastery) and if you want to go the more experimental way, you may want to try the Deft Vermilion Onyx (80 Agility – 160 Haste), but this last one is really very unsure.

In the Blue gems, you will go with the Assassin’s Imperial Amethyst (80 agility – 80 PvP Power) where the socket bonus is worth retaining (gloves and belt, which both have agility as socket bonus), otherwise, put some red gems in those (Delicate Primordial Ruby).

The Metagem, if you can get your hands on the PvP-meta gem (Tyrannical Primal Diamond 665 PvP Power – 775 Resilience) this would be a great choice (you need to earn 10,000 conquest points in the season to be able to buy it, and it costs 1,000 conquest points), especially since windwalker monks are often focused and trained, you will want this gem. In the meantime, you can go for the agility and crit meta gem: Agile Primal Diamond(216 agility – 3% increased Crit).


– Shoulders: You don’t have many choices there: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription (200 agility – 100 crit).

– Cloak: Superior Critical Strike (180 Crit).

– Chest: Super Resilience (200 resilience). I don’t think the Glorious Stats is giving so much and you will need resilience when you will be focused, which WILL happen! So unless you have your own pocket healer, in which case, Glorious Stats is fine, you will have more use for Super Resilience.

– Wrists: Greater Agility (180 agility), unless you are a leatherworker, in which case, you will use the Fur Lining Agility (500 Agility).

– Gloves: Superior Mastery. (170 Mastery).

– Belt: The belt buckle and a red gem (Delicate Primordial Ruby) in it.

– Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor (285 agility – 165 Crit). Not much choice here unless, like my monk, you are a leatherworker, in which case, you will of course use Primal Leg Reinforcements (285 Agility – 165 Crit).

– Boots: Blurred Speed (140 agility + minor speed increase).

– Weapons: Dancing Steel on main hand and Weapon Chain on the off hand. Personally, since I don’t mind being disarmed, I go for Dancing Steel on both weapons, I kind of enjoy the extra damage.

And then, you should be good to go and do some killing.

Now don’t sit here reading, go and kill some dwarves!

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