Keep Your Chat Box Clean

Chat settingsOh, sorry… I didn’t see that you just got an achievement for reaching level 90.

Oh? Hello! No, I didn’t see you come online. I was just crafting 100 bolts of cloth…

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Have you ever been in similar situations?

I know that I have. Many times. Well, until last night those were very familiar situations for me.

Last night Scorpyo gave me a good tip to how I could move loots and similar text from the chat box to their own tab. So here goes…

1: Right click on a tab in the chat box.
2: Choose “Create New Window”.
3: Enter the name of your new tab, e.g. “Loot”, and click “Accept”.
4: Right click on your new tab and go to “Settings”.
5: Go to “Other” and add loot, skills, and what else you want to show on their own tab.
6: Go to “Chat” and deselect all the points there. You only want loot and related text on this tab.
7: Right click on the “General” tab.
>8: Go to “Other” and remove loot, skills, and the points you chose to show on the loot tab.

That’s it! Now you have a clutter-free general tab, and you’ll never again miss a friend who comes online or a guildie who reaches level 90.

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