Keep Track of Your Inventory and Professions with Carbonite Addon (part 5)


Now, which of your characters have any copper ore?

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You’re in desperate need of some, and the prices in the auction house are through the roof. You know that one of your chars mined a lot of copper when she was lvl 15, but you don’t remember who it was.

Carbonite can help you find it.

The Carbonite Addon is also useful, if you want to check the enchants your enchanter can make, while you’re online with your jewel-crafter.

You can even check the last content you saw in the guild bank…

These are one of the many useful functions in Carbonite that I love.

And they are so easy to reach. You just need to right click on the C next to your minimap, choose “Show Warehouse” and then click “All” at the top and do a search for the item you want to find.

As you can see, you can even link to professions and share them in chat.

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