Use Sunsong Ranch!

Tse in Sunsong Ranch

Currently, I have several level 90s at my farming disposal, each with their own 16 plot farm which I use every day. Sunsong Ranch is a great way to make a lot of gold pretty quick… If you remember to do it every day <looks in direction of Nimrasil, who is too busy PvP’ing to farm>. 

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Since I have all professions, I will give you here an idea of how I do, in the hope of inspiring you. You too, Nim! 

Priest – Alchemist (Transmute Spec)/Jewelcrafter 
My priest is using Bag of Enigma Seeds for the herbs and the Snakeroots for the stones and gems. It is much quicker to get Trillium to prospect from the farm than from flying around farming. Sometimes she goes to make Spirit of harmony instead of stones and herbs and crafts primal diamonds out of it. A very easy and neat way to make from 300 to 400 gold in profit.

From Enigma Seeds, you can get any Pandarian herb, often, you get Golden Lotus (very useful for my stone transmutations). My priest keeps the Golden Lotus and send the other herbs to my scribe to mill and turn into inks. I generally keep the Fool’s Cap too and let my AH-char post them. They are selling very well, especially in week-days.

Warlock – Herbalist/Scribe 
This is easy, my lock just use Enigma Seeds, get a lot of flowers, send the Golden Lotus to my priest, the Fool’s Cap to my AH and mills the rest to make nice glyphs and inscriptions to sell to AH.

I used Spirit of Harmony to craft the Inscribed Jade Fan and the Inscribed Red Fan, but now that the rush for those is over, it doesn’t sell that well, so I got back to my glyphs and inscriptions.

Monk – Skinning/Leatherworking
She just use Rapto Leafs and gets more skins than one hour of farming. She doesn’t send anything to anyone and uses it all herself.

Mage – Miner/Engineer
My mage is mostly planting Songbell Seeds to get Mote of Harmony. These are used in crafting Lord Blasington’s Scope of Doom and the Long-Range Trillium Sniper. It is not worth to use the Spirit of Harmony to craft the Geosynchronous World Spinner, because it is a pretty expensive mount to craft and if you are lucky enough to sell it, you will be only making 1,000 or 2,000 gold in profit. Meaning a profit of around 166 gold per Spirit of harmony. If I sell the scopes and rifles, I get 300 to 600 gold for each. So, no reason to bother.

Same thing with the Sky Golem and pets introduced in patch 5.4. This doesn’t sell. I made one for myself and I don’t waste time with that.

Shaman – Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter
My Shaman is not 90 yet, but I have plans for her. That would be to plant Songbell Seeds to get Spirit of Harmony to craft gear with. There are nice patterns to get from, for example, the Klaxxi, and they still can give gold.

I generally always start my day by doing my dailies on my farm. It takes 5 minutes a toon and you get loads for it. So remember to put your farm to good use.

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