Make Fast Gold with Lucky Charm Bracelets in the Love is in the Air World Event

Lucky charms farming

You can buy a mount and sell it during the Love is in the Air world event, and you can create lucky charm bracelets and trade them for gold – or trade them for love tokens to buy the mount with.

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Whether you will focus on questing to get the mount, or you’ll go into bracelet trading, it’s a great help to know where you can farm those bracelets quickly.

I’ve been using this area to farm all my bracelets during this world event, and today I timed myself. I created 78 charms during 15 minutes, corresponding to 312 charms per hours, which again means 31 bracelets and then some.

These bracelets can be traded for gold. Look out for buyers on the Trade channel. I know that some buyers will pay 25 gold per bracelet. This would turn out to be 775 gold per hour, which isn’t a fortune, but then again, it’s easy money, and you can farm the charms while you’re waiting in queue for a battleground.

Or you can go all the way up to 270 bracelets and buy the mount. The mount should sell for around 8,000 gold, depending on your realm, of course. It would take you 8.65 hours to farm it (yawn!), which means around 924 gold per hour.

Again, not a fortune, but you can hang around and farm, while chatting with guildies or being queued for battlegrounds. (Or you could go on a binge killing spree…)

The area I use is 


Kun-Lai Summit, and I go after the black areas with Seething Sha in

I flew around and marked all the areas, and then I added them to Carbonite, so that the next time I would have a nice route, saving me a lot of time.

These are the coordinates I found:

57.99 86.37
64.29 88.76
64.67 79.43
67.38 77.96
68.01 66.41
61.61 73.53
54.77 78.35
49.41 84.00
51.26 87.54

Happy lucky charm hunting!

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