Share Your Achievements and More with Your Real ID Friends and Guildies


When Blizzard invented the Real ID, it made me really happy, because that meant I could keep in contact with friends from other realms or even factions.

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But, alas, unless you were in a guild with them, you couldn’t share your achievements with them. And friends are often more willing to “grats” you than guildies…

While I was searching for something completely different, I stumbled upon a nice addon that made it possible to share the good news with friends all over Azeroth.

This addon will make the announcements you choose, of course, but it can be:

– Loot
– Achievements
– Battleground entered
– Battleground won
– Raid entered

and much more.

And you can decide which things you want to tell your RealID friends, and which you want to write in the guild chat.

The addon is called Twitter RealID (TRID), and you can find it on Curse.

Then change the settings as you see fit.

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