Pet or Not?

Pet or not?

Last time, when I was talking to Nimrasil, we were talking about pets. She loves pets. I don’t care much. I do have many of them, though, and I do think that some of them are cute, but… It is not really something that interests me. 

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I have an add-on which is taking a random pet out, and I was speaking about that. 

– Yes, I said, I don’t have it activated on Scorpyo, because she is a Night Elf. 

There were several seconds of silence at the other end. Maybe she was fighting a mob or something?

After a while, I asked:

– You here?

– Yes… But I don’t understand… What do Night Elves have against pets?

– Well, I don’t use pets when I am with a class or with a race able to stealth: my rogue, my hunter, my druid, my mage… Night Elve’s racial is shadowmeld and if I have my warrior shadowmelding on a battleground near the flag, for example; I don’t want some stupid pet running around me. It kind of spoils the surprise.

I still remember when I went stealth with my hunter into Ironclad Garrison in Tol Barad. I was using pets at the time, and it is first right after we passed the gates, that I found out, I had Pingu running beside me. Alliance might be stupid (especially the days I play Horde), but when they see a penguin walking through the gate, they do tend to put 2 and 2 together.

So remember, especially for PvP, if you have a class or a race able to stealth, remember that, most of the time, your pet will not stealth, so you risk being the one getting a big surprise.

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