The Darkmoon Faire Got a Facelift. See The New Toys

Firebird's challenge

(03/11-2014) – The Darkmoon Faire is in town the first week out of every month. Not much unknown in that, that’s right.

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If you are used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you will notice some changes and there are more to come. If you are not used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you’d better get used to it. It is a must and there is a lot of exciting stuff in there.

First of all, you can gain +5 in each of your profession by doing very easy quests (plus eventually xp’s). This works for every primary and every secondary profession. These quest are non repeatable (on the same Darkmoon Faire; you will be able to make them again the month after).

Then there are dailies… And with patch 6.0.2, there are more dailies than before.

The quests, all the quests, dailies or not, reward you with one or more Darkmoon Prize Tickets. This is a currency used in Darkmoon Faire. With that, you can buy mounts, battle-pets, pets, heirlooms, transmog sets and many other things.

Remember that, when you have been to your first Darkmoon Faire and got your “Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide”, you can collect items from dead players in PvP or from bosses, that you can hand in to different NPC’s in the Faire. In return, you get additional Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

In the new Back Market Auction House (which has moved from Pandaria to Nagrand), you can buy the Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack which contains from 400 to 500 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

From now on, the level 85 upgraded heirlooms are only on sale in Dakrmoon Faire, as well as shields and off hands. So if you need those, don’t miss it!

The Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh

There is now brand new toys, vanity items and pets that you can buy from the vendors, for example, the new vanity item Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh. It costs 130 Darkmoon Prize Tickets (sold by Chester). It comes with 52 charges which provides the user with one of the following random buffs:

◾ Devastation: Damage dealt increased by 100%. Lasts 2 minutes.
◾ Frailty: Physical damage taken increased by 100%. Lasts 1 minute.
◾ Nimbleness: Haste increased by 50%. Lasts 2 minutes.
◾ Swiftness: Movement speed increased by 50%. Lasts 5 minutes.
◾ The Barbarian: Causes you to randomly go berserk, increasing damage dealt and damage taken. Lasts 5 minutes.
◾ The Herd: Summons many cows (Angry Bovine) to fight for you.
◾ The Void: Banishes the caster, turning them invulnerable, but unable to act.
◾ The Warp: Causes you to randomly blink. Lasts 2 minutes.
◾ Vulnerability: Magical damage taken increased by 100%. Lasts 1 minute.
◾ Wrath: Critical strike chance increased by 100%. Lasts 2 minutes.

The Haunting Memento and others

Then you have the toy Haunting Memento (90 tickets)

It can be used on a player and gives a 15 minutes “debuff” that “haunts” you with a random assortment of spooky effect (can be cast on yourself or on any other player)

You can be transformed into a Plague Beast, a hollow suit of armor, a skeleton or a skull appears and frightens you or the sky fills with swirling souls, it might play spooky music, summon a dozen giant spiders, or you can see a ghost sneaking up behind you or a purple vortex fills the sky… I guess there are other effects, but those are the one I have seen so far.

You can buy the Noblewoman’s Finery, a white chest piece (not restricted to female characters), but it can’t be transmogged.

There is also a new toy: Ring of Broken Promises (a blood elf disguise toy) it starts a quest. Even though you can get the quest now, it is impossible to do it before level 100.

Beside that, you will find a carousel. You get in by buying a ticket and when you take a couple of turn into the carousel, you get a buff which grants extra reputation and experience for up to an hour.

The Firebird’s Challenge

The new daily in the Faire is the Firebird’s Challenge: You get a buff that makes you fly for a bit. You can see rings of fire in the air. If you fly through one of the ring, your buff is refreshed (to 10 seconds maximum).

The goal of the game is to fly through at least 15 rings. You don’t have to fly through the 15 rings in one session.

However, if you fly throughout 10 or more rings in one session only, you get different achievement and even an account-wide toy: Blazing Wings.

Blazing Wing is a toy which gives your character the appearance of fiery wings for an hour.

– Fly through 15 rings (in more than one session), and you got your quest done.
– Fly through 10 rings in one session, and you get the achievement: Flying High.
– Fly through 25 rings in one session, and you get the achievement: Ringmaster.
– Fly through 50 rings in one session, and you get the achievement: Brood of Alysrazor and the toy Blazing Wings.

In order to complete Brood of Alysrazor, you’ll have to plot out a route with some thought, taking care that there’s always a nearby ring so your Wings of Flame does not fall off. There are rings all over the Faire, and if you fail, they all will respawn. It will cost you a Faire token to try the challenge again, and you can keep trying it after your daily is complete.

There are a couple of things that can help you:

1) Turn up “Particle Density” in your graphic settings. It will be easier for you to see the rings, then. They may be difficult to see if your particle density is set to low, but best if you put it on good or better.

2) If you want some help, here are the approximate TomTom coordinates for the ring. Watch out, they are not totally accurate and there might be some missing because when I found those, the rings were shared between all the players (which made it very difficult to get the 50 rings because any player could use any ring). This is not the case anymore so there might be other rings than that.

/way 64.42, 92.09
/way 56.48, 85.83
/way 63.51, 77.55
/way 67.47, 81.08
/way 70.93, 79.84
/way 68.09, 76.75
/way 71.23, 73.56
/way 74.08, 70.42
/way 70.88, 65.85
/way 66.40, 66.90
/way 71.85, 59.94
/way 68.78, 52.29
/way 61.10, 54.18
/way 58.82, 35.39

/way 57.92, 64.96
/way 57.59, 71.12
/way 51.90, 76.67
/way 52.70, 72.25
/way 55.36, 59.55
/way 55.36, 52.64
/way 51.80, 54.83
/way 49.29, 64.98
/way 44.88, 78.80
/way 46.50, 70.75
/way 46.13, 69.05
/way 45.66, 67.06
/way 45.65, 64.49
/way 40.81, 76.04

/way 36.63, 73.52
/way 39.17, 67.73
/way 42.83, 55.87
/way 48.21, 49.07
/way 47.81, 43.45
/way 45.08, 37.85
/way 42.83, 35.21
/way 31.54, 66.62
/way 27.24, 67.75
/way 26.49, 66.37
/way 29.58, 50.75
/way 29.82, 44.95
/way 32.23, 41.35
/way 29.29, 36.73

/way 22.64, 34.02
/way 20.27, 38.30
/way 31.96, 61.77
/way 41.70, 43.08
/way 32.90, 80.36
/way 51.01, 44.40
/way 55.19, 45.78
/way 44.69, 37.35

Now get out there and get your new toy! (Scorpyo)

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