What to Do With Honor Points?

5 honors

When the new season starts, no problems. Most players use the honor points they get from battleground or from killing players to upgrade their gear (or buy it).

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However, when the season is well advanced, and when you are geared, the question shows up on forums, in trade-chat, in guild-chat and everywhere else:

“What can I do with my honor points?”

Here are some ideas:

– You can buy heirlooms for your alts or upgrade heirlooms (lvl60 to lvl 90 or 90 to 100) in Orgrimmar or in Stormwind or in Wintergrasp (if your faction has it)

– If you are an enchanter, you can buy level 85, 90 or 100 gear and disenchant it. Sell the crystal that you get from it. Remember that every piece of gear, whether it costs 1250 HP or 3500 HP gives only one crystal (the same with lvl 85). So you don’t have to buy the most expensive. Check your AH and see what sells best before you start.

– You can buy hypnotic dust, savage leather, cata-flowers etc. at the trade-good vendor in Orgrimmar or in Stormwind for honor. You can also buy lvl 70 gems (Cardinal Rubies, Ametrine, etc) at the vendor in the jewel store in Dalaran. These can be used to level leatherworking, enchanting, alchemy, make glyphs with cata-herbs (or research), jewelcrafting, make gear, gems, flask or glyphs to your low levels or just to sell on AH.

– You can trade your honor for gold at the vendor (well, kind of!). Go to Orgrimmar or Stormwind (or Dalaran and Tanaris) to the Legacy Weapon Quartermaster. There, you can buy level 70 weapons. One of them is the Brutal Gladiator Mutilator. It costs 105 honor. If you have close to 4000 honor, you can buy 38 of them.

Wait two hours and sell them to any vendor for gold. If you don’t wait two hours, you will just get your honor back and this is not the idea.

Each Mutilator can be sold back to vendor for 16 gold 7 silver (and 38 copper). For 38 Mutilator, that gives you 608 gold. Not bad, eh?

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