Go Skating and Goldhunting at the Same Time

If you have a character above lvl 58, you can make some easy gold, if you have about half an hour to spend. I made more than 100 gold from half an hour of grinding on this spot with my low level char.

Oh, you can do this WoW trick before level 58, but it would take more fighting and thus take longer time as well.

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The frozen lake in Winterspring is ideal to grind fast and easy gold, if you above lvl 58-60.

Fly to Winterspring, Kalimdor, and go to Lake Kel’theril, west of Everlook. Start hunting the Anguished Highborn. You can find them all over the lake area.

They will drop lots of silver coins, rune cloth, mageweave cloth, other sellable things, and green stuff that’s easy to sell at AH for 10+ gold, and occasionally the enchanting recipe Enchant Weapon – Icy Chill.

I was grinding there 30 minutes yesterday, and after 24 minutes, I got the first of the Icy Chill recipes. I stayed and a couple of minutes later, I got the seconds, and just before the 30 minutes, I got the third.

Prices in my AH right now is about 30 gold for this recipe, and I put one for sale. I intent to keep a second for myself, and sell the third later.

Hm, reminds me of going there with my lvl 80 Deathknight (Monday morning at 3 AM). She could use some runecloth to level up her first aid.

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