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eshayaSo we’re back!

We stopped in May 2015, about 18 months ago and we thought, that this time, we wouldn’t come back. It was our second big break from WoW (our first was with Cataclysm, when we left 2.5 years). In the meantime, we were on Neverwinter for a while (too buggy, so we stopped), we came back to Rift for… about two days (boring and nonexistent support), we went to a private Lich King server, Dalaran-WoW, but also here, there were nonexistent support, so we were on Tera for a while. Nice game, funny, nice graphic. We had several characters on top level, nice and swift combat mode, but every time you had a question, you had to wait five days for an answer. Support was nice, though.

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The problem is that for PvP, you don’t have factions, so it’s everyone against everyone and I find it a bit weird. Then there are no honor, no point, nothing for killing an enemy-player. Pity, PvP is so boring. But all in all, a nice game. I liked it a lot and I certainly will come back.

Then we start talking about World PvP, and how we liked Isle of Thunder back in the MoP days (we hated Ashran which was nothing else than laggy PvE flagged for PvP) and we saw a video from Lazy Peon about how Legion was. It interested us, so we came back.

Now we have a lot of things to find out about the game before we can begin again to post tips and tricks, but stay tuned, we’ll begin again as soon as we are back in business and comfortable with the new expansion. Most of the add-ons we tried earlier have not yet come out for Legion, so we don’t have much to talk about for the time being.

We’re checking the new expansion out and we’ll be right back!



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