WoW Gold – Turn Fish Into Gold

You’ve probably heard it said over and over again that fishing is a profession that could bring in a lot of gold, but I don’t know about you… I didn’t really believe in it.

One of my friends told me about it too. He showed me: Look, it’s easy. And then he caught a couple of fish. You can sell them in AH and make lots of gold, he told me.

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Okay, well, I figured I would give it a try, so I leveled up my fishing skills to about 60 and sold a few fish for just as few silver, but got a lot back again from AH.

So I put fishing back on the shelf, until one day, somebody from my old guild started talking about fishing.

I found a cooking/fishing leveling guide and started my trip. In very few hours I got my skills to level 350 and then gold started streaming in.

30 minutes in Howling Fjord, Valgarde, gives me about 90 fish (if I remember correctly). I use some of them for cooking, but the rest I sell in AH. Right now on our realm, a stack of fish from Valgarde sells for 10 gold, so it’s reliable money, and I get the change to catch the sea turtle as well, without having to fight, die or paying for repairs. This is pure relaxing and fun.

And when you reach skills of 450, you can cook Fish Feast and other meals that sell well in AH.

But be ware that low level fish doesn’t bring you much. Use it for leveling up your cooking, and go for higher level fish. They are worth their weight in gold.

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