Get Faster Help From a GM

So, you have this problem of a kind, and you make a ticket, or you choose “talk to a GM”, but you know pretty well that you have to wait for at least a day, before you get any kind of answer.

And this is sometimes frustrating.

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If you ever have to talk to a GM fast, use this trick, but don’t overdo it! It’s that powerful, and we want to keep this little trick working.

When GM’s receive a ticket, they filter through the posts to find the ones that are most urgent.

And the word “stuck” trickers their filter, so if you want to talk to them urgently, just make sure to have the word “stuck” in your sentence, like:

“Please help me. I’m stuck because of this problem”, and when a GM starts chatting with you, you can tell him what’s wrong.

My son told me about this trick, and he’s used it with success.

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