WoW Gold – How to Make Gold While Paying for Boosts

You know how some high level persons offer boosts for gold?

Did you know that even though you pay for such boosts, you can still gain both experience and gold?

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The trick is to find a dungeon with good loots, and which – of course – allows your level char to enter.

Go through some of the best dungeons with your high level char to check out, how much gold you get on your realm from direct gold/silver loot, grey loot, green items (if you can disenchant them, they will probably bring you more gold), etc.

Try dungeons like Scarlet Monastery, Stratholme, Hellfire Ramparts etc.

When you’re done, you know how much you want to pay for boosts.

Let’s say that Hellfire Ramparts trash and loots adds up to 80-100 gold per run. Most DK’s offering boosts there, will only take 50 gold per run. This means a nice profit to you (and a loss for the DK, but that’s his problem), and XP’s at the same time.

Make gold leveling? That’s easy 🙂

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