Warlock – Save On Your Soul Shards With This WoW Trick

As a warlock, you’ll get a number of minions, you can use in different situations.

The imp will cost you nothing to summon, and it’s good for dps. But the other minions will all cost you a soul shard to summon.

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This little WoW tip will show you how you can save some soul shards.

I learned this trick the other day.

My warlock was standing on the road, doing nothing, and minding her own business, while I was checking the Internet for some information about a quest.

Then I heard the significant noises of a fight going on. I returned to my WoW screen only to discover that my innocent warlock was getting attacked by an elite mob.

Just before dying bravely, a draenei paladin came to my rescue.

He told me not to use the imp while questing, but instead use the “big blue one”, and then he told me this great tip:

“When you’re inside a town, you can ask your minion to stay, and you’ll get your soul shard back.”

At the first occation, I tested this neat little trick, and I found out that it works everywhere, in fact, not just in a town.

Just ask your minion to stay with it’s tool bar, walk away from it, until it disappears. Don’t mount. It will bring it back, when you unmount. As soon as the minion disappears, you will receive your soul shard back.

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