Farming Spot for Nerubian Chitin – 33% Drop

If you want to find a great place to farm nerubian chitin, make sure you don’t ruin it for yourself, like I did, when I was working on this tip.

You see, one little step done wrong, and everything is ruined. I found the perfect farming spot for nerubian chitin, but it’s no longer available for me. That is sad, because, as you know, nerubian chitin is a valuable piece of leather.

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Here’s where you can find loads of it, and how you can keep coming back to this spot forever.

Your skinning skills must be at least 375, and you have to be able to go to Northrend. In other words – your character should be close to level 80 to utilize this tip.

Start questing in Argent Vanguard in Icecrown. Sooner or later, you’ll get the quest If There Are Survivors... – which is okay, but be careful now.

This quest will lead you to Into The Wild Green Yonder, and A Cold Front Approaches.

Don’t turn this quest in. If you do, you get the last quest in the chain, but you will no longer be able to farm Nerubian Chitin.

Kill Forgotten Depths Slayer and Forgotten Depths Ambusher in Argent Vanguard. The co-ordinates are 85,75.


In one of the quests in that area, you have to free some crusaders, who’s been wrapped up in web. Some of the “Webbed Crusaders” contain NPC’s, while others contain Forgotten Depths creeps. So even after you’ve done with the quest, you could continue to smash the wraps and hopefully discover more spiders to skin.

Those spiders will drop Nerubian Chitin and Frostweave Cloth.

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