Rent Your Gear, While You’re Leveling Up Your Character or Getting More Honor Points

Yesterday, I was taking my level 24 rogue to the battlegrounds, and I found out (after being killed numerous times) that her gear was very outdated. So I took my 302 honor points, and went to see a vendor, only to find out that I could get level 18 gear, or wait till level 28 to get something more fitting.

This is a common problem, too, when you start out doing heroic dungeons. You save your emblems, and the first things you can buy, only have an item level of 200. Not really worth the investment, but still, you need better gear to get into better dungeons, and get even better gear.

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So it seems that you have to spend those hard earned honor points or emblems to get some gear, you’ll probably only use for a very short while. And then you have to save even more honor points or emblems to get the next level gear.

Or – what if you could just rent your gear?

Well, it is possible.

Yesterday, I decided to rent a nice necklace and a ring, each for 100 honor points. When I was done, I returned the jewelry and got my 200 points back. I didn’t even have to polish it first, or to pay for repairs. How nice is that?

What you do is to exploit the fact that you have two hours to return an item from these vendors.


Set up an alarm, so you don’t miss this appointment, because if you do, you’re stuck with the item.

But until then, enjoy your new item, and make use of it to get even better items later.

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