How to Solo “Battle Before The Citadel” Commanders

If you are up playing at OMG o’clock, it can be difficult to find a group to kill Chillmaw and do commanders.

While Ol’ Chilly is a question of gear wether you can solo him or not (and experience too), the commanders are easier to solo because gear isn’t important.

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In fact, the problem with commanders is that they are 1) close to other mobs and you can easily aggro them and 2) you have these #%$* scouts that are a real pain in the neck.

There is a way to do it though.

You have some commanders that are placed at some places where you can pull them and “work them out” out of danger, and in this case, they are not more difficult than the standard champions. I made a video of it and the 3 commanders are downed in 3:30 minutes. You can do it too if you follow this advice:

The commander walking on the road can easily be pulled behind the base, no scouts, no problems. You can take the other commander walking on the road in the other end of it, but you have to pull him west and remember to have killed scouts first.

solo battle commanders

Then you have commanders standing under the bridge on each side of the stairs. These can be pulled under the stairs and worked on. Remember to kill scouts first.

Beside the bridge, there are commanders too, these have to be taken *after* the commander that was under the bridge.

The place is kind of “mirrored” so if the commanders are taken on this side of the map, walk over the big road with commanders and lieutenants and you will find the exact same set on the other side with one commander below bridge and one commander west of it.

solo battle commanders

To pull them, you have to use shield breaker to make them come to you, then back slowly off while you hit them.

When I wasn’t that quick in downing them, I had to kill scouts in between, they respawn real fast. Now I don’t need to anymore. No worries, it comes with time.

If things go wrong: run to base and jump from horse, then they abandon pursuit. Take a fresh horse and off you go again.

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