World of Warcraft Achievement – Going Down for Horde

Let’s be realistic! If you have a horde char, it’s a bit difficult to get the achievement Going Down in Exodar, like I propose for an alliance char.

After having searched for hours, I found an equally perfect spot for the horde. I’ll show you where to get it, even with a low level char, and I’ve made a little video to show the whole process. This should be very easy to follow and copy. So happy jumping!

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You have to go to Undercity, and take the stairs up to the sewers on the west site of the city.

Follow the path up, don’t turn left towards the sewer, but continue straight ahead. Turn right, when you reach the sewer, continue to the dead end, at just run over the edge.

World of Warcraft

Watch this video for more clearance:

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