WoW Gold – How to Find Out If You Should Prospect an Ore or Not

If you’re a miner, you might think that your ores come free of cost, but that is not the truth. You spend time mining, so there’s a price tag to add on your ores. So before you decide whether or not it would pay out to prospect the ore, you should do some calculations based on prices in your Auction House, and the statistic number of gems you’ll get.

You can do this calculation manually, of course, or you could just click and get the answer in a few seconds from this site…

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The site is called WoW Prospector, and you can choose both your server and faction to get the most precise evaluation.


You can even change the prices, if you need to, because the database might not be up to date with what you see on your server right now.

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Morgy - September 10, 2010

Top tip, I was only wondering about that the other day


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