Video WoW Tip – How to Find Your Way Around Undercity

Many people have problems finding their way around Undercity, and Nimrasil – for one – doesn’t blame them. So she asked me to make a tour guide to help understanding the system in Undercity, and how you can easily find your way around this horde city.


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Morgy - October 6, 2010

At last, I can find my way around!

Scorpyo - October 6, 2010

Thank you 🙂

It’s nice to see, it is of use 🙂

Brouhaha - January 13, 2014

wow Scorps! This deserves more credit and more views. I loved the movie. Explanation in a calm and clear way, and the music…! epic.



Scorpyo - January 14, 2014

Hello Brou,

Oh, thank you very much 🙂 I am happy it could help you 🙂

The music is from Blood-elve’s start place 🙂 I love it, as well as “Lament of the Highborn” 🙂

Thank you.



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