Engineering WoW Pets – Your Easy Way to Lots of Gold

Engineering is probably the most fun, and useless profession in World of Warcraft. Fun, because you can make cool things like a transportable wormhole, goggles, man-servants like Jeeves, mail boxes, airplanes, and many other bound-on-pickup things. Useless, because most of those items cannot be sold. They are only for your own personal use.

But until now, you could make some gold by selling arrows and bullets. This possibility will be gone, soon, but there’s one, other very neat way to make gold, possibility lots of gold with engineering. And that’s by crafting pets.

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Many players collect pets. Pets are cute, and you can even get achievements for having lots of pets. Many players are willing to pay lots of gold to integrate a new species in their pet collection. So why not help some players to happiness by giving them what they want? More pets.

As an engineer, you can learn to create a Mechanical Squirrel, a Lifelike Mechanical Toad, the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, the Robot – Lil’ Smokey, the Pet Bombling. You can make fighting pets as well, as an engineer, but these will only work for people who have engineering themselves.

The easiest pet to get the schematics for is the mechanical squirrel, but expect to put some work into this project, or be lucky. If you’re a rogue, you stand a higher chance of getting the schematics by pickpocketing stonesplinter shaman in Loch Modan (1.7%), but the Blackwood Ursa could also be an easy target (1.1%). If you don’t have a rogue, you must go kill stuff either in dungeons or just random mobs. See this drop table for more info about the schematics for the mechanical squirrel. AH is of course also an option.

As for the schematics to the lifelike mechanical toad, you have the biggest changes of getting it by killing dragonkins in Ashara, Duskwood, Ashenvale, and Feralas. Those are ultra highlevel beasts, so you might want to find a group to help you do the killing. And then the chance of getting the schematics is down to 6% or lower. See this drop table for more info about the schematics for the lifelike mechanical toad.

The schematics for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti is obtained as a reward for doing the quest chain “Are We There, Yeti” in Everlock. When you’ve finished your quests, and you have at least 250 in engineering and are at least level 55, you can go back to Umi Rumplesnicker, and she’ll teach you how to make your own yeti.

Finally, the schematics for Lil’ Smokey and Pet Bombling both drop in the Gnomeregan dungeon. Pet Bombling drops from the final boss, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, and Lil’ Smokey drops from different robot mobs.

When you’re putting your pets up for sale, don’t make them look frequent and cheap. In other words – put only one or two of each kind up for sale in AH. And if you see that the market is already crowded, then wait a few days, or until next weekend with putting yours up.

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Morgy - October 8, 2010

Yuck! why are they stopping the ability to make arrows. I just started engineering on my warlock for exactly that reason :-(. I thought id make them for my hunter and sell them on the auction house.


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