Get Under Stormwind

This is fun, but absolutely useless 😉 You can get under Stormwind and see the buidings from below. You just have to know where to enter, and then do a lot of jumping, until you hit the right spot.

Watch this short video of how it can be done.

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First of all, your starting point in Stormwind:


As you can see, you will find it in the Trade District, exactly on the “d” in Trade on my map, and if you can see the coordinates, it’s on 59.73, 70.91.

This is what you have to do to enter. Find the boxes at that spot, jump from the boxes to the torch, and then you just walk into the … nothingness 🙂

Watch us doing this in this video:

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Morgy - October 21, 2010

Wow thats one good looking DK 🙂


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