How Is the Population of Your Realm?

Are you curious? Why do you always lose Wintergrasp? How come the other faction always pwns you on battlegrounds? Well, it might be because you’re a minority. But it could also be due to immature players on your realm.

Unfortunately, this site will not tell you the maturity score of your fellow citizens, but it can give you an idea about who’s playing. Some of the data could tell you about the overall maturity, if you know how to read them (and I’ll tell you in a moment). Should there not be enough data about your realm, yet, you can get an addon for free and send data without even noticing it.

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There’s a very simple psychological test you can do with people. Ask them to write down what first comes into their minds when they think about the following: a colour, a tool.

98% will answer “red” and “hammer”.

Red is considered an immature colour, and I guess the same could be said about the hammer (not a colour, though, a tool). Even small children can hold a hammer, and hammer in the nails in their little wooden boards.

If we work along the same lines, we all know what a human is. Obviously, since we are human, we know that race. So first impulse for many, might be to create a human character.

And if you’re afraid of dying, a paladin is the best choice.

Could it be that a more mature person would rather expand on his experience level? Try something totally new and different? I don’t know. Facts are that there are more human paladins than there are draenei or dwarf paladins.

Okay, let’s get some action. Go to to learn more about your server.

The first servers on the list are all US servers. If you want to find an EU realm, scroll further down, and take for instance EU-Blade’s Edge.

No big surprise. 20% of the population are humans, and 14% paladins. And out of those paladins, 38% are human, and another 38% are blood elves. But you can also learn that right now, the alliance outnumber the horde with a ration of 1.4:1 (58% alliance/42% horde).

You can see the biggest guilds on the server, by level value.

If you want to contribute to the data collection, you can install an addon called CensusPlus. Search for it in Curse Client, or get it and install it from here:

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