Inventory Is Full Again? How To Keep Your Bags and Bank Empty

It’s no secret (to my friends at least) that I’ve always had bags that were full. Most of my characters had Frostweave bags, and most of my characters had bags in all the possible slots in the bank, too. Maximum space – just no free space. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my mailbox would be full, too, since I occasionally (read = frequently) send my stuff to alts, so that I can free some space to go to a dungeon or something.

All this is part of the past, now, because I’ve learned the secret. The big secret to not having a full inventory, but to keep bank, bags and mailbox empty. Do you want to learn my secret?

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My secret consisted in asking the person, who would tease me the most about my full bags, and who always herself had empty bank slots, and empty bags. I asked my good friend Scorpyo, what she did. And she gave me a number of tips.

empty bags in wow - no more full inventoryFirst of all, you should keep your necessary stuff, the things, you always carry around with you, like your mining pick, your hearthstone etc., in the bag farthest to the left.

Because when you receive loot, empty your mail box etc., things will go into your Backpack first, and then fill up the bags from right to left.

My tip: Keep quest items in your backpack

Very often, when you turn in a quest, you’ll get a reward instead of the quest item you turn in. On many occasions this reward is useless to you, either because you cannot use the item, or because you have better already. If you keep quest items in your backpack (the bag, you’re born with), you can easily spot those useless rewards, and sell them to a vendor.

Sell your grey items and useless soulbound items

Whenever you’re near a vendor, make sure to sell all your grey items, the things that you’ll not be able to sell in the Auction House (AH).

I use the addon Auctioneer, and you can change the settings in it to autosell grey items (Settings → Util Modules → AutoMagic). It’s very usefull. You can even ask it to autosell your useless soulbound items, and by default, you’ll be asked to confirm, before your inventory is being sold. If you don’t use Auctioneer, you can do this step manually.

Ores, stones, cloth, leather etc.

Keep, what you need either for yourself or your alts. Sell, what you don’t need in the near future. If you can see that prices are low right now in AH; wait for a better occasion, but don’t just keep it in your bank or bags forever.

Sell lower level white, green and blue items in AH

If you’ve looted green and blue items for lower levels, you get a chance to sell them in AH.

Disenchant high level green items and sell the blue in AH

You’ll not sell many, if any, green items to a level 78-80 character. You could just as well save you the trouble and auction house fee, and get them disenchanted right away.

Give your blue items a try. They might sell. Always try to sell purple items, whether they are low level or high level.

Items that doesn’t sell in AH

If you get your armor or weapons back, unsold, you can do one of two things: Either disenchant them or try to sell them again. In this case, an AH-alt might be handy. You can just post all your unsold items (which will land in your backpack, when you empty your mailbox) to your AH-alt, who can try to sell them for a lower price. An AH-alt also means the advantage of an extra bank and more bags.

If they are still not sold, you can again choose between disenchanting them or – gasp – sell them to the vendor.

This was the hardest step for me to learn. I kept looking at the possible pricetag this item would make me. And by selling it to the vendor, I gained only a fraction of this price. Ouch, that hurt!

But it’s the way to keep your bags and bank slots empty. So do it. It helped me to think that I’ve obtained that item for free, so now I could sell it for almost nothing and in fact having gained a bit.

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