How to Make 400 Gold Per Hour in World of Warcraft

We all want gold in WoW, and we all want it without too much work, and still having fun while getting it. One of the ways to make WoW gold is by doing daily quests. But you must choose the right ones, unless you want to waste your time.

My good friend Morgog whispered me a little trick, he uses to make around 400 gold in just one hours work. And you’ll even have around 5 dailies left to spend at your own choice.

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To all the following dailies, you have to have completed the initial steps to reach the final daily quests.

Morgog told me that you should start in Argent Tournament and grab the quests there. Do the quests, and then head over to Shadow Vault to do the three quests over there. Go to K3 for the two snowbold quests, and then off to the Sons of Hodir to do their quests (5 or 6). Then head back to Argent Tournament to hand your quests in. Remember to choose gold bags and not writs.

By doing these quests, you will also farm several green drops, you’ll get frostweave, and you can either mine, skin or pick valuable ores, leather or herbs. Each quest will give you around 13 gold.

If you’re like me, you’ll want an in-game guide to show you around, and you can in fact get such a guide to making the maximum amount of gold by doing dailies in little over 1 hour.

Good Idea

Get the in-game dailies guide

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Morgy - November 5, 2010

Just to add to that, dont waste your time with the sons of hordir ram quest where you kill the blue dragons (The one near the roof), you will end up spending all your gold on repair bills :-).

Nimrasil - November 5, 2010

Nice add, thanks 🙂

Scorpyo - November 5, 2010

Agree, Morgy!

The only thing I got out of this quest was Going Down with my paladin: I was thrown down and got the time to bubble before I hit the ground.

(second time, bubble was on cool down, so I got changed into splat).

Beside, they nerfed the Sons of Hodir quest so it is much easier that it was. Silah got to exalted in one afternoon (without the drake-killing-quest)


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