Great Fishing Spot – I Just Made 360 Gold in One Hour

Some of the fish that are worth the most gold are without doubt the fish that are used for Fish Feast, and the Dragonfin Angelfish. The problem with the first three fish are that they are caught in Wintergrasp. So even if you’re on a normal (non-PvP) realm, you’ll be in PvP, and if someone from the opposite faction sees you sitting there, quietly fishing, he will gank you.

But despair not, my friend. I have a solution for you, which I haven’t shared with anybody so far. Frankly, I’m still in doubt whether or not this is smart, since it could mean lower prices for the fish. This solution is perfectly legal, and includes neither exploits nor bots.

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Instead of going directly to Wintergrasp, which would put in you PvP, you go to Dragonblight and find the Icemist Village just north of Azjol Nerub.


As you can see, Icemist Village is just at the boarder to Wintergrasp, and you can actually stand in Icemist Village and fish in Wintergrasp waters and get the fish, you would get the fish there normally, including the Dangerous Delicious fish – Terrorfish.

Go to a spot near the coordinates 68.27 – 73.12. If you go one more step forward, to 68.25, you’ll be standing in Wintergrasp, so move carefully.


Anyway, when you’ve found the spot, start fishing. With my hunter, who has 450 in fishing skills, a fishing hat, and the Kalu’ak fishing pole, I stood there for 10 minutes and caught 16 Musselback Sculpin, 14 Glacial Salmon, 10 Nettlefish, and 1 Giant Darkwater Clam. When I opened the clam, I got 4 Succulent Clam Meat.

All in all with the actual prices in AH, this nettet me 60 gold for 10 minutes work.

You should be able to catch between 4 and 5 fish per minute (max 17 seconds per cast). I caught 40 (exactly) and a clam in 10 minutes.

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Morgy - November 5, 2010

Wow! Cool tip, especially hor the horde I killed yesterday getting his terrorfish 🙂

Nimrasil - November 5, 2010



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