How to Rename the Mage’s Water Elemental

Let’s face it! Running around with a big, blue, drippy pet called “Water Elemental” is not the coolest thing to do. How about getting your pet and helper another name? If you’re a frost mage with a water elemental that is exactly what you can do. No addons needed.

waterelementAll, you have to do, is to use the following command:

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/run PetRename(“NameHere”)

You have to write your pet’s name instead of NameHere, of course, and you have to be aware of the fact that you can only rename your pet once.

I used the code inside a macro, but I guess it would work just as well, just typed into the chat box. If you can confirm that, please tell us in the comments.

This is the exact code, I used to rename my pet WashWash – you cannot use space in the name.


/run PetRename(“WashWash”)



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