Get The Bloodsail Admiral Title In Two Hours

Warning: When you first have the title “Bloodsail Admiral”, you will not feel welcome in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan or other cities, inhabited by goblins. So make sure you really want this title. It comes with a price tag.

Yesterday evening at 19:30 servertime I met with two friends (who are also guildies) in Booty Bay. Our goal was to start our long journey against the Bloodsail Admiral title, but in little less than two hours, we had it! I have heard people report about days of work, so I thought I would share with you here some tips that can help you getting the title just as fast.

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We only killed the bruisers, not wanting to spoil the game for other people in Booty Bay. Well, occationally one of the auctioneers fell, but what the h… He’s ripped me off on several occations!

* Group with people – you share the reputation you get

* Move around this area

At a very specific area in Booty Bay, the bruisers respawn very fast. You will have almost ongoing killing for two hours – or more or less, depending on how hated you are with the Bloodsails, and how many you are in your group.

Here’s the place – upstairs:

… and downstairs:

As you can see the coordinates are about 27,76. Upstairs I was standing at 27.77 – 76.66

You can move up and down the ramp, when there are no bruisers available, and if you enter the stores just around the spot, the other NPC’s will call a bruiser. This is another reason why you shouldn’t kill the NPC’s.

Have fun!

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