Even for Noobs – How To Make Big Money in WoW

You can make gold in World of Warcraft… Lots of it, even as a noob.

This is completely legal and very fun, but I know it’s kind of stupid of me writing it here, since it will be harder to make that kind of money, if too many find out.

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Anyway… I believe in giving and sharing, so here goes…


For one of your professions, at least in the beginning, choose enchanting.

I know… They all say it’s very expensive, because you need all kind of stuff to do the actual enchanting.

True! But so do the other enchanters, and this is where you can make your money, sorry, gold.

Get to level 5 at least

Learn enchanting, and when you’ve reached a skill level of 1 in enchanting you can begin disenchanting items that are green and better. Depending on your level in enchanting, you can disenchant higher level items, so if you can level up, you will be able to disenchant more items.


When you disenchant a green item (armor, weapon, jewelry), you get stuff for enchanting, like strange dust, soul dust, vision dust and many more. Without those dusts, it’s impossible to enchant, so people are eager to get them.

Buy at AH

Now, when you are ready to do your first disenchantments, go to auction house (AH), and look for low priced items that are Uncommon and up. Buy as low as possible. In the beginning you can stop at 10 silver for each item, later on you can go for higher prices. You do not necessarily need items at buyout. If you can wait, you have a better change at getting the things very cheap.

Buy 20, 30… 100 different items for not over 10 silver each, when you are low lvl.

Sell at AH

When you have all the green items you bought, disenchant them. The item itself will be destroyed, but you’ll get some dust.

Take the dust to AH, and sell it. You can put a fairly high price for the dust, at no risk, because you don’t pay any auction deposit.

Tip: Use the plugin Auctioneer to help you fix a price, and don’t underbid your competitioners.

Get much gold overnight

This is really easy gold. After a short while, you can start selling half, keeping half and use your half to level further up. You can disenchant better items when you have a higher level of enchantment, and those items will give you more expensive dust too.

You’ll need skills to disenchant:

lvl 1 enchanting-lvl 1-15 items

lvl 25 chanting-lvl 16-20 items

lvl 50 chanting-lvl 21-25 items

lvl 75 chanting-lvl 26-30 items

This is the dust you should expect to get:

Strange Dust – Disenchanted from level 5 to 20 items

Soul Dust – Disenchanted from level 21 to 30 items

Vision Dust – Disenchanted from level 31 to 40 items

Dream Dust – Disenchanted from level 41 to 50 items

Illusion Dust – Disenchanted from level 51 to 60 items (item level 56 to 65)

Arcane Dust – Disenchanted from level 56 to 70 items (item level 66 or higher)

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