Communicating With The Horde/Alliance

When I’m playing on a PVP realm, it ads an extra dimension to the game, when you see a member of the opposite faction in your area. At the moment, I play mostly alliance, and a while ago, I was with my night elf Laylael in Icecrown. I was questing and trying to take down the commanders and scouts, when I saw a level 80 horde near me. Shivers… Would he kill me? I was already weakened by the fight with the elite commander.

No, in fact, he helped me, and then he gave me lots of hugs. And since horde and alliance cannot speak with each other, there’s only one way to go: Emotes.

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Here are some usefull ones, if you want to communicate with the opposite faction:

WoW Voice Emotes

When you’re using voice emotes, you will make your character say something out loud, and both alliance and horde will hear and understand, what you say.

If you’re writing /hello, your character will say hello in your racial manner.

Here’s a list of the available voice emotes:

   /assist, as




   /flee, run


   /follow, followme, fol

   /goodbye, bye

   /grats, congrats




   /incoming, inc


   /outofmana, oom

   /raspberry, rasp


   /thanks, thank, thankyou





You can use the “normal” emotes, too. They will show a text in the chat box, and both horde and alliance will be able to read it.



   /angry, /mad

   /apologize, /sorry






   /belch, /burp


   /bleed, /blood


   /blood, /bleed

   /blow, /kiss



   /bonk, /doh





   /burp, /belch

   /bye, /farewell, /goodbye



   /cat, /catty, /scratch


   /chew, /eat

   /chicken, /flap, /strut







   /congrats, /congratulate


   /cower, /fear

   /crack, /knuckles


   /cry, /sob, /weep

   /cuddle, /spoon




   /disappointed, /frown

   /doh, /bonk

   /doom, /threat, /threaten, /wrath

   /drink, /shindig



   /eat, /chew


   /farewell, /bye, /goodbye


   /fear, /cower

   /feast, /food, /hungry

   /fidget, /impatient

   /flap, /chicken, /strut

   /flex, /strong


   /food, /feast, /hungry

   /frown, /disappointed




   /glad, /happy, /yay



   /goodbye, /bye, /farewell

   /greet, /greetings

   /grin, /wicked, /wickedly


   /grovel, /peon




   /happy, /glad, /yay

   /hello, /hi


   /hungry, /feast, /food

   /impatient, /fidget



   /jk (just kidding)

   /kiss, /blow


   /knuckles, /crack

   /lavish, /praise

   /laugh, /lol

   /lay, /laydown, /lie,




   /lol, /laugh



   /mad, /angry









   /nosepick, /pick



   /peon, /grovel

   /pest, /shoo

   /pick, /nosepick







   /praise, /lavish




   /question, /talkq

   /raise, /volunteer

   /rasp, /rude

   /rdy, /ready



   /rude, /rasp



   /scratch, /cat, /catty




   /shindig, /drink


   /shoo, /pest














   /sob, /cry, /weep


   /sorry, /apologize


   /spoon, /cuddle




   /strong, /flex

   /strut, /chicken, /flap





   /talkq, /question




   /thank, /thanks,/ty


   /threat, /threaten, /doom, /wrath




   /ty, /thank, /thanks




   /volunteer, /raise


   /weep, /cry, /sob




   /wicked, /wickedly, /grin


   /wrath, /threat, /threaten, /doom


   /yay, /glad, /happy

I still need an emote that does this: 😛 (put your tongue out)

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