How To Easily Locate The NPC, You’re Looking For

Have you ever been in the situation that you’re supposed to speak to a NPC, and you can see lots of other NPC’s, just not this particular one? He’s supposed to be in the area, but you cannot locate him. After ages of searching, you find him: Hitten under something, or standing behind another, or… yeah! So irritating!

I tried that the other day with one of the Cataclysm quests. I was supposed to speak to Cultist something, but couldn’t find him. Then I figured out a way… Tried it, and yes, two seconds later, I spotted him, spoke to him, and finished the quest.

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What I did was quite simple, but effective.

First, I read the quest text. Nah, to be honest, I only do that if I really have to, and in this case, I had the name of the NPC in Carbonite. So I read the name, and then I opened up the chat box [enter] and typed:

/tar Cultist whatevername

Obviously, I wrote his real name, but you knew that.

Then I had his icon on my screen. I still couldn’t see, where he was, but I right clicked the icon, and put on a raid icon. A big yellow star. Then I looked around, and after only a seconds search, I saw the star. The NPC was still hidden, but the star showed up, so I could go in that direction and talk to him.

Quest done.

raid icons

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