Make Gold While You’re Waiting In Queue

What do you do between battlegrounds or dungeons? Are you hanging out in Dalaran with the rest of the poor bunch? Or are you making gold?

This trick can be used by all levels, but some of it works best, if you’re level 75 or higher.

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Since it can be difficult to do quests, while waiting, you should do something simple, like killing mobs, finding herbs, mining, etc.

If you’re high level, you can go to Zul’Drak and kill the spiders there. About 1/3 will drop Iceweb Spider Silk, which you can either sell or use to make spell threads. If you’re a skinner, the mobs in that area will drop borean leather.

Or you could start the daily quest named “Can You Dig It?” – You have to dig in piles of dirt, and 1/3 of the time, you’ll get a small box which contains both silver and a grey item, worth 3 gold at the vendor. As long as you don’t turn in the quest, you can continue to dig.

Be ready to fight, though, the moment you return from the dungeon or battleground.

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