Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide (Dugi Guides) Review

Mop leveling 2012

My rating: 5 stars Website reviewed: Ultimatewowguide.com

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I used Dugi a little back in Lich King time. But it was at the time when Dugi was changing his guide. There were a lot of problems. Dugi had to reprogram his guide because he lost the authorization of using different other add-ons and there was a war going on between Dugi’s guides and Zygor’s guides. 

I ended up asking Dugi for a refund of the guide because it was a catastrophe. The guide was sending you wrong places. It was very buggy and a waste of time and money (since I bought the complete guide, it was a bit more than $ 120, and it was not worth it – I ended up asking for a refund). 

I left right before Cataclysm (I downloaded and started on patch 4.0, but it was a… Cata, so I stopped before the extension was out) and came back at Mists of Pandaria. 

I tried Zygor’s guide again (see our review of Zygor’s guide here), and then we wanted to give Dugi a try to see how it was now when everything has been built up again.


Dugi writes to his affiliates: If you need full access to our guide, please contact me.

Good idea! We actually work with reviews of different products (it is our job) and most of the time; we just have to ask for a review copy. When people don’t want to give a review copy, it is generally a bad sign.

So it was very nice for us to read, that Dugi offered a review copy of a kind. We wrote a mail and asked him for the review copy on December 6… As of today, we still haven’t received an answer.

So we agreed to download the trial version of the guide (up to level 20) to base our review on.

You can find Dugi’s guide here.

Let’s start with the positive: The guide takes very little space on the screen and that is good. You don’t have a big window blocking your view.

When that is said, it is the only positive thing we have to say on the guide. On the other side, you have:

– The arrow you have to follow is extremely confusing. It will tell you to go to xxx, for example, and when you are almost there, the information changes, and you have to go to yyy, then to zzz… You surely get a lot of exercise (No mount before level 20!).

– Some advice is directly misguiding: You finish your quest, killing mobs. Dugi tells you to earth. You do. When you arrive, the guide will tell you to go almost all the way back to where you were. Not the best way to fast leveling.

– You don’t have any indication of the whereabouts of the mobs or of the quest giver whatsoever. You won’t know, when you have to talk to xxx if he is inside, outside, in the cellar, on first floor, behind the house or wherever. In short, no more information that you can have from Blizzard’s own map, Questhelper, Carbonite or any other free product.

Now, you have to remember that this is based on a review of the product from level 1 to 20. That means that it is not the newest thing that needs to be kept updated. Many of the quests are still the same than they were in vanilla or Burning Crusade. Dugi had plenty of time to polish that part. We would have been more understanding if these mistakes were on the latest extension, because, of course, you have to adapt it, bugs happen; Blizzard may change things, etc.

But in the bracket 1 – 20?

Therefore, we removed Dugi’s guide, and he only gets two stars because we (almost) never just give one star and because it has a nice design.

If you still want to give it a try anyway, you can download Dugi’s guide from here.

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