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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2008 (but took a two years break, I didn’t  like Cataclysm and came back for Pandaria). To begin with, I lost a lot of time, running around, not know how to find a quest item, or even where to turn in the quest.

This all changed, when I purchased Zygor’s in-game levelling guides, and here in this Zygor guides review, I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve experienced using those guides.

First of all, I levelled much faster. This is the goal with a leveling guide, of course, and yes, it really works.

However, this was not the only advantage and there are not only advantages.

Zygor guides make it easy to pick up only the right quest and in the right order. You have only the quests, you’re working on, in your quest log. And if you can save time by doing two or even three quests simultaneously, you’ll know. Zygor’s guide will simply tell you so.

Once upon a time, Zygor was very good at giving you a lot of handy explanations, which saved you a lot of time. You were not just pointed to a point to turn in a quest. There was something like: “At the inn, upstairs to the right”. This saved you a lot of time, searching for the quest giver or item. But they changed that (I am speaking of their leveling guide 1-90 – version 4.0.5557).

Now, in many cases, you don’t have any information at all of the whereabout of the questgiver or the questitem. It will say: go to xx xx, speak to xx xx (in short, not much more than what you can see on the map), and they will fail to explain to you that the questgiver is in the inn, or upstairs or in a ship floating in the air. So you might lose some time running around and then having to read the quest-text or go to Thottbot.com or WoWikki to find out of where to go or what to do.

And this is even if you ask Zygor to give you the details of the quests.

This is the main reason why Zygor lost a star (until now, we gave them 5 stars).

It is still, from what we have tried, the best guide around. It gives you suggestions about which gear to pick up as questreward, there is an extra window with a picture in 3D of the questgiver you have to speak to or the mob(s) you have to kill or the object(s) you have to interract with, detailled reputation gain and many other functions.

Another fancy and very useful function, is that if you are looking for a mob, for example, you can click on the name of the mob in the guide, and a mark will appear over the head of the mob (skull or star or any other raid-mark). It can be a big help to spot a mob.

Even better: If you have to kill, say, 15 mobs of a kind. You click on the name in the guide, the nearest mob get marked (a bit like when you write /target NameOfMob in the chatbox). You kill your mob then click again on the name of the mob in the guide and the next living mob of the kind is marked (unlike the /target which will just mark the dead mob until you get closer to a living one). This is extremely useful.

Even though you do have to, and almost certainly will, mess a bit around to find questgivers or mobs, you will still save some leveling time.

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With Zygor’s guides, you can choose the area to quest in. You’re not forced to do one quest on Kalimdor, and another in Westfall. Pick your area, and quest on there as long as you want. This saves you a lot of travelling time.

That should make the game more fun, and I think it’s important to include that in my Zygor Guides review. You can do different quests, when you start a Worgen, from when you start a Draenei character. Obviously, this is only the case until you reach level 58 or 60 and go to Outland.

Zygor offers both levelling guides and daily quests guides, both for horde and alliance.

Other Zygor Guides

Zygor doesn’t only have a leveling guide, but you can also find (also as a free trial) :

– Dailies and Events: All daily hubs covered, full prerequisites quest chains. All world events’ quests and dailies.

– Pets and Mounts: A full list of vanity pets and Hunter battle pets. Faction-based, racial, achievement and dungeon-dropped mounts. Automated other players’ mount and pet scanner.

– Professions and Achievements: Complete, detailed steps for reaching maximum profession levels. Herb, ore and skin farming paths, or full shopping lists. All achievement walkthroughs.

– Titles, Reputations and Macros: Achievement and faction titles. Daily routines for gaining all available exalted reputations. Dozens of macros for speeding up common actions for each class.

– Dungeons and Gear: Detailed strategies for boss encounters. Automated gear suggestion mechanisms.

Hopefully, my short Zygor guides review has helped you make your decision. I’ve been using it myself for several years.

Zygor alliance levelling guideZygor horde levelling guide

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