WoW Gold Farming

If there’s ever something that has a boring ring to it, it’s those words: WoW gold farming.

However, farming for gold in World of Warcraft doesn’t need to be boring. It could be lots of fun.

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First of all, you should make yourself familiar with the different kinds of WoW gold farming. You can be out in the field, or you can stay in the Auction House.

Personally, I like to switch between the two, because after a while of doing one of the options I get bored, and I want to make gold in another way.

However, let’s start with some easy tasks.

If you can get to a teacher, you can start to learn and perform gathering professions from level 1. This means that you can create a small fortune for your low level character, if you choose either mining, skinning or herbalism.

You can pick two main professions per character. I recommend that you choose gathering professions, since those will not cost you more than a few pieces of silver to level up. You can switch to crafting professions later, when you have built a solid basis fundament for your WoW character.

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Being low level, and performing a gathering profession, means that you can quest and gather at the same time in the same areas. Just make sure that you keep levelling up your profession skills. It’s better to be a bit ahead of your level than behind.

When you pick two gathering professions, you can sell everything you get, and thus make a lot of gold at early stages of the game.

When you reach a higher level, you can start to slay huge numbers of mobs at the same time for an easy farming of gold, cloth, and gear. Even all the grey items add up, when you sell them to a vendor. Especially, when you start killing mobs on Outlands and Northrend. You shouldn’t be surprised to see grey items, worth more than 1 gold each, so be careful what you trash.

Should you run out of bag space, it’s better to trash food or drinks than grey items, unless they are really worthless.

Remember to add the free Auctioneer add-on to the game. It will show you what price, you can expect to get for an item, if you sell it to a vendor, and what price it could bring, if you sell it in the Auction House.

Besides getting Auctioneer, so you’ll know which items to trash, and which to keep, until you reach a vendor, you should invest in big bags. You can do with Netherweave bags, as long as your character is low level, but as soon as possible, you should get the bigger Frostweave bags, as they can contain many more items.

Check out the prices of the specialized bags, like the mining bags, herbalism bags, and skinning bags. If you’re doing a lot of gatherings, it might be cheaper to get those bags than the ordinary ones that can contain everything.

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