Make 100-200 Gold per Hour from Spider Silk

make wow goldSometimes, a bit of grinding can make a lot of gold. If you have chars at a higher levels (62+), this is the tip for you. You should be able to make 100-200 gold per hour doing this, depending on your server of course.

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Go to Terokkar Forest, just East of Allerian Stronghold (Alliance area). If you are a horde, you shouldn’t meet too many people here, so don’t worry.

Kill as many Dreadfang Widows as you want. About 15% of them will drop “Netherweb Spider Silk”, which sells for about 3 gold on our server, but for 6 on others.

In addition you’ll also get a lot of “huge venom sack” or “dreadfang venom sac”, and you should be able to sell those for about 20-50 silver each.

So bring big bags 😉

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