PvE or PvP

What I really like about WoW (or World of Warcraft), is that it is so diversified. You can always come up with something to do like making gold, or doing PvE or PvP.

Before I go on, you might want to know what PvE means? And PvP?

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You’ll meet two kinds of players in WoW. First, there are the computer made players, the artificial ones, which are called NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Second, there are the real people like you and me, who are all connected through the Internet and hooked up on the WoW user interface. We are called Player Characters, PCs, but frequently just “Players”.

You can interact with other players as well as the Non-Player Characters. You can even fight against them.

If you’re fighting against NPCs, you (the player) are against the environment. It’s called Player vs Environment, shortened to PvE.

On the other hand, if you’re fighting against real persons, you’re performing a Player vs Player action, shortened PvP.

Should You Choose PvE or PvP?

Now, the big question is: Should you choose PvE or PvP?

You can do both, but you’ll notice that people tend to have their preferences. There are players, who spend must of their time in battlegrounds or arenas, fighting against other players. And then others prefer to go into a dungeon or a raid and fight non-player characters.

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One of the biggest differences is that if you do PvE, it means that your opponents will always act in the same way. When you encounter a boss in a dungeon, you know it will cast a spell on that moment, and it will stun you at that later moment, and when it says this sentence, you know that it will get some other NPCs to help fight you.

When you’ve learnt how to kill a boss, you can rinse and repeat and kill the boss repeatedly in the same way.

After the boss is killed, you can get loot from him, which normally consists of nice weapons or gear.

If you’re fighting other players in PvP, you’ll never know how they react. You’ll have an idea about what their class can do and not do, but even knowing that a priest can heal or cast a spell on you, cannot tell you, if this specific priest will do either of the two, or if he’ll try to run away.

When you kill another player, you don’t really get a loot, although taking his insignia sometimes will hand you a bit of silver or gold. However, the goal is not to get loot, but to harvest honour points by killing the enemy.

And the enemy is normally the other faction. If your character is a member of the alliance, you’ll be fighting the horde. Unless you go for a friendly duel with your friends, in which case you can fight horde against horde, or alliance against alliance.

So you can choose between PvE or PvP – or do both.

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