How To Make WoW Gold

World of Warcraft Gold Secrets“1 Gold plz”… You will probably not play World of Warcraft for long, before you meet your first beggar in the game. However, if you know how to make WoW gold, it’s not that hard. And it’s much more awarding than begging and getting ignored by the other players.

Actually, there are several ways, you can make gold in World of Warcraft.

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You can make WoW gold by:

– Selling things to a vendor (a non-playing character)

– Selling things in the Auction House (to other players)

– Looting gold from mobs, you kill

– Finishing quests, and get gold as a reward.

Now, that’s simple. The difficult part is to figure out how to make the most gold with as little effort as possible.

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First of all, you have to figure out, when to sell to a vendor, and when to put your things up for sale in the auction house. Or maybe do something else with them, transform them, for instance. This is the case, if you have a piece of armour or weapon. You can either sell it to a vendor for next to nothing, put them up for sale in AH and pay the steep fees, or you can disenchant them and either use the dust or sell it.

When you put things up for sale in the action house, you can to find the best time to do it. And the best price, of course. Remember always to have a buy-out price as well as a bid price. Sometimes, it pays out to undercut, but most times, it doesn’t. You should keep an eye on the market and on the prices, your items are getting sold for. The easiest way of doing this is by using an add on.

How To Make WoW Gold By Buying And Selling

Just as in real life, you can do a lot of business in the auction house. You can buy things for a low price and resell them for a higher price. The trick is NOT to buy low and sell high, but to buy low and sell for a low price, but only slightly higher. That way, everybody get to do a good bargain.

If you want to farm gold by looting mobs, you can do it in several ways. While you’re questing, obviously, but you could also go to a spot, where the mobs spawn very quickly, and just stay there, kill, and loot.

Or you could go into a dungeon, either with a group or alone, and kill the mobs in there and loot them. They will often drop cloth as well, which can be sold for high prices in the auction house.

Many times, when you finish a quest, you’ll get paid as a reward. Sometimes, you even get a piece of equipment as well, either some armour or weapon.

You could also focus on questing for gold alone. This could be done by doing daily quests. Those quests are – as the name indicates – daily. You can only do 25 daily quests per day, and normally you can only do each quest once per day. Some will award you with 10 gold or more, and during an hour, you can make 200-300 gold.

If you can figure out a route to take daily, you’ll save time and make more gold per hour. You can read my World of Warcraft Gold Secrets review to learn more about a book that will really help you go from broke in WoW to owning the most expensive epic mounts, good gear, and all that you desire.

Now you know a few tricks about how to make WoW gold.

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