World of Warcraft Pets

Just like everywhere else, pets are popular in WoW. So, what are World of Warcraft pets? And how do you get them?

When I first started out playing WoW, I noticed that some people would have a cat running after them. Others had a bird flying near them. I checked every store in Stormwind to find the pet vendor, but found none. Finally, I noticed a man, who had a cute white kitten beside him in the bank, and I gathered all my courage to ask him, how he got it.

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He didn’t tell me how he got his World of Warcraft pets, but he offered me a snake, saying he was “sick and tired of it”. I didn’t understand what he meant at that point.

Somebody told me that I could find pets in the auction house (AH), and I searched, but found only some cat cages, and since I didn’t know where to go and catch the cats, I didn’t want to waste gold on those.

Obviously, it dawned on me some day, how people got pets. Nah, dawning is maybe not the right answer, but finally a friendly soul showed me where to get a rabbit, and that got me started creating my World of Warcraft pets collection.

There are things, you need to know. There are, in fact, five kinds of pets, but you might only be able to use one of them. I’ll mention them all, just so that you know.

Hunters can have pets that fight for them. They can get any kind of tameable beast.

Warlocks and Death Knights can have minions (another kind of pets) to help them as well. And then, if you have chosen jewel crafting as profession, you can make trinkets that are different kind of pets, which can help you regain mana or fight. As an engineer, you are also capable of creating pets to help you fight.

And then there are the pets that we’re all collecting in WoW – the non-combat pets, or vanity pets. These are the ones, I’ll tell you more about here.

How To Get World Of Warcraft Pets

Unless you’re just as lucky as me, when somebody offered me a pet for free, you can get World of Warcraft pets in the following six ways:

* Buy them from a vendor. * Get them from a loot. * Craft your own pets. * Buy them in the Auction House. * Get them as a quest or achievement reward. * Get them from a loot card.

Vendor Pets

Only a few of the pets can be bought from vendors in the game.  These pets are normally very inexpensive, but you have to know where to find them.

In each of the big cities, or around them, there are vendors who sell pets like rabbits, cats, cockroaches, owls etc.

If you are looking for more exotic, but also more expensive pets, you’ll find vendors in Dalaran and Netherstorm, where you can get mana wyrms, snakes, cats and raptor hatchlings.

Get Lucky and Loot a Pet

When you kill mobs or beasts, you might get lucky and loot a pet.  Some of these drops are really rare, and you should be prepared to kill thousands in order to obtain just one of the pets.  Others drop more occasionally, and it would be worth your time going after them.

Crafted WoW Pets

With some professions you can craft your own pets.  The engineer can make a squirrel and a toad that can be used by everybody, as well as some combat pets which only engineers can use.  The same goes for jewelcrafters.  They can make trinkets and, when you use them, a pet comes out and fights by your site for a while.  These trinkets can only be used by jewelcrafters.

Find Your Pet in the Auction House

Check the pet section in your Auction House, whenever you pass.  Some of the pets you’ll see here will be vendor pets; some will be crafted, and others will be looted pets.

If you don’t know where to find the vendor pets, or you don’t want to spend time farming and killing mobs and beasts to get a rare pet, this is where you’ll find them.

Quest Rewards and Achievements

Some quests will reward you with a companion pet when you have completed them.  This will also apply to some achievements, too.  Check your achievement log, and you’ll see that having 50 pets will give you one more for free – this happens once again, when you have 75 pets.  Also, if you do random dungeons with random people, you’ll get an achievement and a pet when you have met 100 new people in this way.

WoW Loot Cards

You can either buy sets of trading cards and get lucky and find a loot card amongst them, or you can buy specific loot cards from vendors or auction sites.

The pets you get from loot cards are often very rare pets, and you’ll notice that very few other players have them.

Prices vary from a few dollars for a loot card, to several hundreds.

Now you have several ways of starting your collection of World of Warcraft pets.

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